Human Target

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2010 on FOX

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  • Cor blimey, its Princess Diana - The sequal!

    I like this show, it's about as deep as Britney Spears lyrics, but it's mindless entertainment and there's nothing wrong with that.

    That being said, this episode was painful to watch and I was unable to finish it. Maybe it's because I'm English and have a basic understanding of what a Royal Family is and how it operates, but I found the plot line to be so far fetched and utterly ridiculous that I just could not engage in it in any way.

    We have a young woman playing the Princess of Wales (Princess Diana's title when she lived) who is having an affair with an American paramedic and subsequently wants to divorce the heir to the British thrown and move in with Joe Bloggs. A plot to assinate her is discovered by her butler (the attempt will be made whilst she is in a moving car no-less) and he decides an American mercenary would be the man to take care of her. Seriously somebody was paid to put that together. I think they missed the bit where the Queen mother comes back from the dead to feast on the brains of Prince Charles, but that might be next week.

    I'm all for artistic license, but this was so far detatched from reality that it is impossible to take seriously. Maybe American viewers who have a skewed perception of what a Monarchy is may be forgiving in this Princess Diana vs. Chuck Norris tribute, but this episode just felt lazy, cheap and deeply innapropriate.

    P.S. The Dick Van Dyke accent by the lead assasin was pricless though. " Allo guvnor... shine your shoes me ol' matey"
  • Every once in a while, the writers and producers of a series will add an episode that's just for fun to play with their fans. The X-File, Star Trek, even Lost did it. Now, it's Human Target

    While this episode will require the fans to suspend reality for the moment and take a step into an alternate reality, it's actually done with a bit of play on several real world events. The writers and producers seem to be showing off a bit of their knowledge of English history, and at the same time dangling and playing the conspiracy buffs. Let's begin with the tongue and cheek setup of a English Queen with two daughters - one of whom is the Princess of Wales named Victoria which is a slight of hand with reality where in the real world should Prince Charles come to the throne would have 2 sons one of whom would then be William the Prince of Wales. To appreciate this you need a bit of English history: there has never been a formal investure of a female heir presumptive as Princess of Wales. And only the heir apparent can be Prince/Princess of Wales. The only case that a woman was an apparent (unquestionable) heir was William IV's niece, Victoria becauce there was no male heirs. William the Prince of Wales and Victoria - the Princess of Wales - get it? The other fun on us is more apparent if you were around when Princess Diana died in the tragic car accident in Paris. Followin the accident, there were some conspiracy buffs who believed that Princess Diana was assasinated by either British Intelligence or members of the Royal household to prevent her from re-marrying a commoner. Sound familiar? There are other leg pullings, from the fight scene with medieval weapons to the fight in the Irish Bar run by an ex-IRA. And just as hints about Chance, Winston, and Guerrero's past were placed in EVERY episodes, we get a big one and a little one at the end. See if you can find it. The way to watch this episode is to have fun with it and not take it too seriously.
  • In the wrong hands, this story line might have gone wrong.

    Thankfully, Human Target is in more than competent creative hands. In order to successfully ask an audience to suspend disbelief and invest in a Royal Family that is meant to represent THE Royal Family, and then have this course of events happen to them in what is supposed to be "today", you have got to be really good.

    This was really good in the same vein as picking up a book on vacation or on the subway on the way to work, and getting lost in the story before you have to come back to reality. They planted the hook early, told the "Wallace and Simpson"-type story with energy and fantasy and action and humour, and had me thoroughly rooting for the underdogs against The Man...or The Majesty, as the case may be...

    Less humour than usual though still glimpses of it, more angst and sadness for the loss of friends, and then that ever-so-fantasy-show glimpse of a potentially fairy tale ending.

    My imagined ending is firmly with "Tony and Victoria", though in my version, I'm not certain their faces will ever see a commemorative cup and saucer set or the ubiquitous tea towels!