Human Trafficking

Lifetime (Mini-Series 2005)





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  • After drugs and weapons, one of the greatest criminal professions is human trafficking.

    This series shows the dangers of human trafficking: smuggling people over foreign borders to be sold as sex slaves. The series follows the routes of people directly or indirectly involved with this terrible trade. Kate Morozov, new agent for Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), uses her own brand of crime fighting the head of an international sex trafficking ring. We also see what the victims and their families go through. One father from the Ukraine joins the ring to find his daughter, an American mother searches for her daughter in the Phillipines, and a mother is tricked into it by a love interest. The head of the ring, Sergei Karpovich, tells the women that if they try to escape, they will hurt the people close to them. This show contains very mature subject matter and shows the personal and public dangers of human trafficking. I was appalled at seeing that some people are willing to subject others to servitude and slavery. I recommend this miniseries to anyone who wishes to stop slavery and abuse to people just like us.