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The History Channel (ended 0000)

Crap info in the latest episode, kung fu >.

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    [1]Nov 2, 2007
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    Errors in the latest episode - Kung Fu:

    Ki/Chi is not from Buddhism, it is a concept from Daoism that predates the Shaolin temple by 1000 years

    Bodhairama did not introduce Shaolin Kung fu...he introduced Mahayana Buddhism, and not any fighting style. Kung fu had already existed before in various forms, and not all kung fu is categorized under shaolin.

    A lot of the "fighting" styles they were interviewing were wushu, or showy acrobatics not actually used for combat

    The Shaolin monk reciting that historical bit about Buddhism introducing kung fu is wrong - he was using a forged 17th century Qing document that errorenously attributes fighting styles to the Shaolin Temple. And hell no, some 13 monks did not defeat a freaking army.

    I hope the history channel actually pays attention to the "historical" aspects of the show next episode...

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    [2]Dec 1, 2007
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    Hi Intranetusa,

    When Bodhidharma found the monks, they were in a state of physical/health ailments because of their strict attention to meditation and less attention to taking care of their physical. Bodhidharma introduced the Indian Kalari Payattu (from Kerala) to the monks, who subsequently changed it fit their culture & tradition.

    Kalari Payat is considered to be the "Mother of all martial arts" and its influence is seen in kung fu, wushu (subsidiary of kung fu), aikido and even Brazilian capoeira (Indians were brought as slaves to Brazil from which kalari also went thru a change).

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    [3]Jan 14, 2008
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    I don't know why people are so gung-ho about arguing which martial art is the originator of all martial arts. Human beings have been fighting each other for thousands of years. Various cultures developed their own form of fighting styles to protect themselves from their enemies. India and China did not bring martial arts into this world. Granted theirs are the most varied and numerous, but to say that is like saying Europe invented music. They invented "Classical" music, but not music in general.

    I bet you somewhere in a tiny part of Africa there is a martial art that predates all others. No, I'm not African or black, I just think its illogical that any given region or nationality should be given credit for every little thing.
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