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Human Weapon

Season 1 Episode 5

Judo: Samurai Legacy

Aired Unknown Aug 17, 2007 on The History Channel
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Judo: Samurai Legacy
Hosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff again travel to Japan to learn and fight in the modern Japanese combat sport.

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      • (After Takenouchi Sensei explains what his students has just done, Mark Chinnery translates for Bill and Jason.)
        Mark Chinnery: You're getting lower than your opponent and using your legs to throw them, that's Judo but then the kick afterwards is Jujitsu.
        Bill Duff: So basically all the striking arts are taken away in Judo because it's really not competitive to throw somebody then kick 'em in the head.
        Jason Chambers: It's competitive, it just might not be sportsman-like.
        (Jason and Bill laugh about Jason's comment)

      • (After doing rolling exercises on a wooden floor.)
        Jason Chambers: I think Bill dented the floor a few times.
        Bill Duff: I think the floor dented me.

      • Jason Chambers: But on the mat we can just walk away, wiser and uninjured. But we have learned that there is more to Judo than just a sport, it doesn't end in the Dojo.
        Bill Duff: It's a real martial art, one with its feet firmly planted in the bloody conflicts of feudal Japan; one that reveals the true science of the Samurai.

      • Ohkawa: (after beating Jason in their Judo match) He is a good competitor. He is good at ground techniques, so if he practices standing techniques he will be a good Judo player.

      • Jason Chambers: (after losing the first 2 rounds of his 3 round fight with Ohkawa) I was down 0-2, Ohkawa was clearly in control. This match now boiled down to one thing... respect.

      • Jason Chambers: (referring to the end of round 2) I almost had the choke, but Ohkawa held me off just long enough to stall out the match. When we got back up he caught me with a foot sweep and smashed me to the mat and with his weight there was no getting up.

      • Jason Chambers: (talking about the second round of his fight with Ohkawa) He was too strong for a leg sweep and again had me by the gi. My only option, sacrifice. Remembering my lessons, I went for a sacrifice throw, but Ohkawa shifted his momentum and we went to the mat.

      • Jason: (describing his strategy for the first round of his fight with Ohkawa) The first round was all about feeling out my opponent, trying to find his center of balance, probing for weakness and looking for a point of attack.

      • Bill Duff: The scoring in Judo is based in its roots on the battlefield. For a Judo move to score ippon it must be decisive, it can be a throw, a pin, a choke, or a lock; a move that on the battlefield would mean death or submission for the loser.

      • Ohkawa: (after finding out that Jason has practiced both Judo and Jujitsu) I heard he practiced Jujitsu. So this is my first time to fight a Jujitsu player. I want to fight Judo strategy, not Jujitsu strategy; just grad gi, and try to throw him. Not Ne Waza, not ground.

      • Bill Duff: (referring to Jason's upcoming match with Ohkawa) Do you plan on attacking his legs at all?
        Jason Chambers: Yeah, my whole plan is going to be, stay out of his comfort zone. Shoot, I'm going to try to attack his legs more than his upper body, because he is more used to guys attacking his upper body. But you know this guy has been doing this for 20 years, I'm sure he has seen everything.

      • Bill Duff: (discussing with Jason about who should fight Ohkawa) Well I think you've got a great Jujitsu background, but I think with my strength and size I could push this guy all over the mat. I don't think he will have a chance if I just decide to bullrush him.

      • Jason Chambers: (watching Ohkawa spar with another Judo fighter) He doesn't even move, I love how like when this guy is pushing him all around, he is just like a rock. He just kind of hangs out and looks for it and then takes it whenever he wants it.

      • Jason Chambers: (referring to his future opponent) Watching Ohkawa in action it was clear they'd picked the biggest, baddest Judoka they could find to take us on. Ohkawa is a guy who is not only strong, but has spent years mastering the techniques we're just now getting the hang of.

      • Bill Duff: (after being told that they will be fighting Ohkawa) How long have you been training in Judo?
        Ohkawa: About 22 years.
        Bill Duff: 22 years... wow!

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