Human Weapon

Season 1 Episode 6

Pankration: The Original Martial Art

Aired Unknown Aug 24, 2007 on The History Channel



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    • Jason Chambers: (referring to the ancient Olympic games) The most common cause of death in these Olympic fights was suffocation, caused by fighters in chokes refusing to tap out.

    • Bill Duff: Although Pankration may have been born in war, it found its greatest fame as a sport. Soon after the Greeks founded the Olympic games in 700 BC, Pankration moved from the battle field to the stadium.

    • Jason Chambers: (referring to the Pankration move, Gastrizein) Unlike most kicks that land with the side, ball, or top of the foot, the Gastrizein uses the heel to deliver the blow. This alignment of the heel, ankle, and lower leg complex channels some 2000 pounds of force into the opponent, more than enough to break a baseball bat.

    • Jason Chambers: (describing the beginning of their training with Mallios) We began with the straight punch. Used for close range combat, the hands are kept high to protect the head, the fists are driven in straight, quick jabs at the target. The goal isn't to score a knockout, but to gauge distance and to keep your opponent in front of you at all times.

    • Bill Duff: Like mixed martial arts Pankration fights can be won by submission or knock out.
      Jason Chambers: And like boxing and Karate points are awarded for contact, techniques, and difficulty of the move executed.

    • Jason Chambers: Translated as all powers, Pankration means exactly that, anything goes.
      Bill Duff: Punches, take downs, throws, and joint locks are used in punishing combinations by Pankration fighters to force an opponent into submission.

    • Bill Duff: (referring to the origin of Pankration) To survive the Greeks created a martial art so efficient and modern, it's hard to believe it comes from an ancient civilization.

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