Humanly Impossible

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Humanly Impossible

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Humanly Impossible is the National Geographic Channel two-part special where scientists examine human mysteries. People are capable of some amazing things, some so amazing that they seem to defy the laws of nature. In this series, we find out once and for all if these acts are what they seem, and how they are possible. Viewers meet people like the human blockhead, who can push a screwdriver up his nose, and the scientists show how this is possible. Wiring up Guinness World Record firewalker with galvanic skin response sensors, we see exactly how much pain and stress he experiences during his over 500 foot fire walk. The team analyzes how big the lungs of a woman who can go underwater for six and half minutes must be, how strong a man who can hold back a sports car must be, and more. Meet amazing people who can swallow jackhammers, hang by hooks in their back, contort their bodies to amazing angles, win pizza eating contests and more, while learning how they accomplish these feats from a team of scientists in National Geographic's Humanly Impossible.moreless

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