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  • Season 1
    • The Final Battle
      The Final Battle
      Episode 26
      New technology helps city police discover who is human and who is a monster. After the commissioner learns that Bem, Baro, and Berra are half-human, he reconsiders his manhunt, when evidence shows that in each battle, the trio was actually helping the police. Meanwhile, Darnhocia finalizes her plans to destroy mankind from the city's sewers.moreless
    • Tightening the Net
      Tightening the Net
      Episode 25
      The city bans Bem, Baro, and Berra after learning that the hominoids are half-human and half monster. In order to prove to everyone that they are the good guys, the trio heads to the sewer to fight the evil Darnhocia, who is set on destroying mankind. Meanwhile, Kira and her human friends look for Baro to get some answers.moreless
    • Ghost Wars
      Ghost Wars
      Episode 24
      The District Attorney builds his case against the beasts imprisoned from the last episode. Meanwhile, Kira sets out to prove Baro's innocence. After a deep conversation with the wrongly-imprisoned humanoid, the lawyer soon gets a flashback of a man similar to Baro, who saved his life during a showdown with some monsters, months before.moreless
    • Broken Seal
      Broken Seal
      Episode 23
      Evil Monsters get what comes to them after police take down the ones responsible for torturing citizens and destroying property. Among the beasts captured, Kira notices a familiar face in the police lineup, what she doesn't understand is that Baro was one of the heroes who helped capture the evil enemies.moreless
    • Revenge of the Forest Monster
      The Holy Forest is in danger after a wrecking crew arrives to tear it down. The town's stubborn mayor opposes the proposition, and the half-human, half-monster demolition squad seeks to kill the public figure. Meanwhile, Bem discovers that an arch-enemy is behind the whole evil plot to deforest the land.
    • Suspicion
      Episode 21
      Pollution, greenhouse gas and global warming have overtaken Bay City. Three evil monsters assume the identity of Bem, Baro, & Berra, and they begin to terrorize any citizen who is trying to improve environmental conditions. Meanwhile, Kira thinks that she is seeing double after her friend, Baro, appears twice in the same room.moreless
    • Ghost Ship
      Ghost Ship
      Episode 20
      An evil beast is kidnapping humans at sea and holding them hostage in an underwater cave. Meanwhile, Baro and Kira tag along with Sora and Mitsuki's family on a boat ride to a nearby island. The oceanic beast soon attacks, and Baro must fight the creature while hiding the fact that he is only half-human from his friends.moreless
    • Zombies
      Episode 19
      An exorcist helps the police commissioner and the district attorney find the fugitive, Baro. Meanwhile, the humans, Kira and Sora meet Mitsuki and her friend in a haunted house. Little does the group know that the exorcist is tracking their every move, as they try to find their way out of the scary house.moreless
    • Dreamworld
      Episode 18
      A beastly spider and a demon woman find a way to devour human souls. The two monsters soon discover that Bem, Baro, and Berra are half-human and half-monster, and they try to add the trio to their evil team. After Bem's soul enters the demon's realm, he starts to discover how he became a humanoid, a reality which surprises Bem's two friends.moreless
    • The Rose Umbrella
      The Rose Umbrella
      Episode 17
      A woman named Rose appears to be a Good Samaritan after she starts giving away umbrellas during a rainstorm. Unfortunately, for the takers, Rose is actually an evil monster, who is using the umbrellas to take over the souls of those who use them. Berra discovers the ploy and gears up to battle Rose before she claims more human lives.moreless
    • The Last Show
      The Last Show
      Episode 16
      Sora's movie-buff grandfather heads to his favorite theater to catch a classic flick. There, an evil monster poses as a user, and it takes over the old man's body. Soon after, all the elderly people watching the movie fall into a trance, and they find themselves living out the film playing on the big screen.moreless
    • Sing me to Sleep
      Sing me to Sleep
      Episode 15
      A nerdy student creates a bad monster to take revenge on a boy who bullied him in a lunchroom. Baro, soon after, heads to Kira's school to explore some strange incidents involving a creature said to be living in the laboratory. In order to infiltrate the school grounds, the humanoid poses as an exchange student from Japan.moreless
    • Barking at the Moon
      A mysterious black dog tricks humans into thinking that it has only three days to live. The animal turns out to be a monster who took over the dog's soul in order to devour humans. After Mitsuki discovers the truth, the animal attacks her. Baro must now free his friend and the dog's soul before it's too late.moreless
    • Beast in the Labyrinth
      A mythical creature kidnaps local workers on the railroad line after the beast blames the crew for destroying its home. Baro soon decides to save the railroad workers from certain death, but in doing so, he may have to reveal to his friend, Sora, that he too is a monster.
    • The Guitar
      The Guitar
      Episode 12
      An evil beast hides itself in a guitar, and Kaido's new boyfriend buys the instrument at a local music shop. Afterwards, the beast changes shape and takes over Kaido's soul. Bem, Baro, and Berra must now battle the monster and save their friend before the beast changes shape again and infects other people.moreless
    • Portrait of Death
      Portrait of Death
      Episode 11
      An art dealer finds an ancient medusa-painting that freezes any person who stares at it. He later opens a gallery and invites some VIPs to the grand opening, where the painting is on display. Kira and Baro are soon on the case, and the dealer decides to move the painting from the gallery to the hospital where Kira's father works.moreless
    • All That Glitters
      All That Glitters
      Episode 10
      Some monsters form a crime syndicate, and they decide to rob a bank that they believe holds some items that humans stole from them centuries before. During the job, Sora enters the bank to make a deposit, and the beasts take her hostage. Bora must now save his friend, and at the same time, hide his supernatural powers from the humans inside the building.moreless
    • House of the Fortune-Tellers
      A new fortune-teller comes to town, inviting the city's women to visit her to have their futures read. Unfortunately, the gypsy is actually an evil beast, who only wants to steal his clients' happiness. After a few visits, the malicious gypsy becomes more powerful when he learns how to feed off of humanity's bad luck.moreless
    • Beneath the City
      Beneath the City
      Episode 8
      An evil monster lives in the city's sewer line, kidnapping innocent humans and holding them hostage in an abandoned subway tunnel. Some citizens then hire the heroic trio, Bem, Berro and Berra to kill the beast and to rescue the people. The trio accepts the job, but they fail to tell their employers that they too are monsters.moreless
    • Tears of the Homonculus
      Bem and Berra take their final lessons from Master Kyo, and the two fighters learn that a fatal disease will soon take their professor's life. Before making his last walk, Kyo reveals that two strange hunters will seek out the fighters, and that they will have to conquer their enemies in order to keep their powers.moreless
    • Bargain with the Banshee
      Kendo is the new kid in school, and he soon meets an evil monster after classes. The beast promises Kendo to bring his dead sister back to life, but he must first find another human to take her place among the dead. The enthusiastic boy then meets Kira, who Kendo makes plans to kidnap.moreless
    • Gremlin on Wared 9
      A phantom monster terrorizes a Children's Hospital and increases the problems of the sick kids interned in the building. Meanwhile, Sora fractures his leg during a soccer match, and he heads to the hospital for medical attention. Things get completed after Sora starts to believe that the phantom in the emergency room is actual his friend Baro.moreless
    • Wings of the Haunted
      The trio confronts a new monster who eats animals and hates all humans. Meanwhile, Baro makes a new friend named Mitsuki who can turn himself into a bird. After the heroes' new foe captures Mitsuki, Baro does what he cans to save his colleague before he changes back into a human.moreless
    • Hunting by Moonlight
      An evil werewolf preys on young women while looking for a lost love. The animal falls for Berra, thinking that she is his fiancee from years past. The humanoid must now find a way to kill the supernatural being before it takes her soul and the soul of her human friends.moreless
    • Ten Billionth Victim, the
      Desiring to be freed of his accursed duties, the God of Death nabs ten people in a quest to bring back ten billion souls to Hell. Kira tries to reach out to Baro but she is kidnapped and may be taken to Hell forever
    • The Ten Billionth Victim
      The Angel of Death wants to quit his job. In order to do so, he must sacrifice ten humans to free ten billion evil souls that will wreak havoc on Earth. One of the people to be sacrificed is Baro's friend, Kira, who the Angel condemns to Hell. The trio must now save their friend's life to interrupt the evil angel's plans.moreless
    • My Friend is a Monster
      Baro decides to hide the fact that he is half-human and half-monster from his new friend, Kira, who he soon begins to take an interest. Meanwhile, Baro's other humanoid friends, Bem and Bera, appear in the city to help their friend battle an evil beast that has kidnapped Kira and her sister.moreless