Season 1 Episode 10

'A Dick and a Dream' or 'Fight the Honey'

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 13, 2009 on HBO
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As Ray mulls over his future, Lenore and Tanya fight for control over him. Meanwhile, Ronnie flirts with someone at work with whom he has a romantic past. Damon goes to his sister for comfort.

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  • Mistaken Hotel Rooms and Uncertain Futures: A Ray Drecker Story

    The season 1 finale of Hung sees Damon getting dumped at a movie by his bisexual friend who says that Damon can't decide whether he's a tourist or not and goes to Darby for support. Lenore sells Jessica, her new life coach approach after a make over and the whole routine, on the idea of a man hook up and she tells her to book it. Tanya can see Ray doesn't know who to choose and so she redoubles her efforts to get back on the winning team with him and to forget Lenore. Ronnie sees a woman from his past in his office. Good season and hopefully the dynamic between Lenore and Tanya fighting over Ray next season will prove fruitful. Here's to 2 Pimps, 1 Ho: A Ray Drecker Story.moreless
  • Realistic and intense story, intriguing arcs but short format of the zombie queen

    There's Something About Ray and Tanya that is both heartbreaking and inspiring. The first struggles to repair his house and the second desperately wants to make people happy. The solution they found to achieve their goals is absurd but they know it. That's why Lenore was an important addition because she helps remind us that what they do is just wrong. But the finale wasn't really about the morality, it was more about the compromises you have to make and priorities to set. They had to make a decision and their choices should intrigue you enough not to miss the upcoming season 2 premiere. The episode was also full of emotional moments that should make you care for the characters even more. From the phone call to his ex-wife to the children hugging at the theatres you shouldn't be disappointed. The only con was a useless sex scene even if it allowed some characters to strengthen their relationship. But the rest was excellent and I found a scene involving Ray's ex-wife husband quite crunchy. Now my only wish is that things get better for them because they deserve to be happy. Their consultant idea is good but the execution is inappropriate for the moment. So let's hope Hung will not become a neverending gigolo story. I don't it could considering how smart it has been so far. Fingers crossed.moreless
Michael Blaiklock

Michael Blaiklock


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David Lewis (V)

David Lewis (V)

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Gina Hecht

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Rebecca Creskoff


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Alanna Ubach

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Gregg Henry


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • For this entire season, Thomas Jane ("Ray") was nominated for the 2010 Golden Globe Award for "Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series-Comedy or Musical", and Jane Adams ("Tanya") was nominated for "Best Performance by an Actress In a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made For Television".

    • Episode Title: "A dick and a dream" is what Ray thinks he has left as he contemplates on his life by the lake. "Fight the honey" refers to the honey and beehives Ray finds inside the wall of his house.

    • When Ray and Tanya are having hotdogs at a diner, you can see that some of the items on the table change in each shot.

      • The wrapping paper in front of Ray goes from crumpled to folded out.
      • When we first see Tanya's glass, we can see the words "Pepsi-Cola" on it, with the "P" barely visible. In the next shot, the glass has been turned so that only the word "Pepsi" can be seen. In the next shot, the full "Pepsi-Cola" sign can be seen (the "P" is clearly visible).
      • When Tanya first puts the mustard bottle down on the table, we can see neither the front nor the back label. In the next shot, the bottle has been turned so that most of the front label can be seen. In the next shot, when we can see the bottle from behind Tanya, it has been turned back to the first position (none of the labels is visible). In the next shot, from Ray's perspective, the bottle has been turned so that all of the back label can be seen.

    • The book Tanya is reading while lying on the sofa is The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

    • The movies playing at 8PM and midnight on Horror Night at the Redford Cinema are 10,000 Corpses and Die, Maggots, Die!.

    • The book Tanya is reading before she used it to swat a fly on her table is Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ray: (voice-over, after agreeing to see one of Lenore's clients) So there I was, in a fancy hotel bar, wearing a suit I hated even more than the last one. Did I make the right call? What would Ernie Banks have done?

    • Ray: (voice-over) I wanted the house, but I had a tent. I wanted to stay married, but my wife ran off. I wanted to play ball, but I taught history. I wanted to teach, but I was gonna lose my job. I wanted electricity, and I got honey.

    • Lenore: (referring to Tanya) So did you dump her?
      Ray: No. I tried, but uh...look Lenore, last time I checked, capitalism was about supply and demand. Now I've got the supply, and I've got a demand. We're gonna do this my way. Take it or leave it.

    • Ray: (voice-over) Why did I feel so guilty about Tanya? I tried to just focus on the house. I almost had the whole place ready to get rewired, and then... (finds honey in the wall) Who knows where the bees went. I felt like the butt of a cosmic joke.

    • Lenore: Look around you, Ray. Most of these women have more money than they know what to do with. And their husbands are either too old or or too busy to get erections.

    • Ray: (referring to Tanya) The pimp job, it means a lot to her.
      Lenore: Well, winning Miss Michigan meant a lot to me, but I had to realize it wasn't my destiny. God, you're so loyal, Ray. You're like a golden retriever.
      Ray: Look, I know you think Tanya's minor leagues, but okay, she has some flaws, but we can't just cut her loose.
      Lenore: Sure we can, this it capitalism.

    • Lenore: Your vagina is like a car battery, Jessica. You've got to keep it charged. The battery dies, you become weak...and whiny.
      Jessica: Okay, really? I don't know what you're talking about.
      Lenore: I'm saying you could use a jump.

    • Lenore: How often do you screw your husband?
      Jessica: varies.
      Lenore: How many times was he inside you last week?
      Jessica: Last week,
      Lenore: Zero? All right, that's a f*cking shame. You need a husband who wants to f*ck you. No, you need a professional. A sex therapist.
      Jessica: You're right. I do. I, I, I need a, uh, a person to talk to about all of my issues.
      Lenore: And by sex therapist, I mean someone who will fuck you so good, you don't care what your husband does...or doesn't do.

    • Lenore: We all bring strengths to the table. For example, I bring a business head. You, Tanya, bring a strong sense of ethics and Ray brings a big dick. We can be like the Three Musketeers.
      Tanya: Lenore, Ray is my prostitute!!

    • Yael: You know, Ray, sometimes in life, it's best to forget the big problems and just fuck for a little while.

    • (talking about letting Lenore join Happiness Consultants)
      Ray: You've got a good soul. But I need a professional on board. It'll be okay...kinda like a threesome.
      Tanya: Kind like a threesome? You ever been in a threesome? Everyone I've ever been in, the other two people screw while all I do is bring them water.

    • Ray: (voice-over) There are moments in your life when you realize God is joking. He's up there. Hell, maybe She's up there, laughing her head off. Either way, you're fucked.

    • Ray: (voice-over) I used to have a family. I used to have a wife, kids, a house, a job. Now, well, now I have my dick. A dick and a dream. If that's not the American way, what is?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Ray: What would Ernie Banks have done?

      Ernie Banks is Baseball Hall of Famer who played for the Chicago Cubs between 1953 and 1971. He is a recipient of both the Gold Glove Award (1960) and the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award (1967).