Season 1 Episode 5

Do It, Monkey!

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 02, 2009 on HBO

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Hilarious fantasy, convincing acting and sweet guest star, inspiring character development, well balanced dark comedy, smart human collisions but short format

    With such a crazy title I was expecting this episode to be funny but it definitely surpassed my highest expectations. Its fantasy concept was just hilarious and Thomas Janes did a great job at portraying our favorite happy not so happy consultant. The actress who performed the new client was also quite convincing and I really hope she'll be back. I'm glad the writers focus on smart character development instead of throwing random sex scenes and conventional dialogs like in some other shows. Moreover it seems they found the right balance between comedy and darkness. There's something black and questionable about the humor that makes Hung stands above its peers.

    Indeed beside the running jokes with the ex-wife and whole Ray Drecker : Male Gigolo story there were some quite sad moments and it seems they only represented the tip of the iceberg that is about to emerge. As for Floyd, the coach, his arc with Tanya really inspired me. There's something realistic and palpable about the character. He could be your neighbor and Steve Hytner's acting was as good as in the past installments. Like in the film Crash (2004) it seems the characters struggle to find happiness and don't really know how to express their feelings. So to feel something they collide, they drink, they have sex but in the end they all want the same thing. To comprehend The Meaning of Life, like the Monty Python !

    My only complain would be that the format is definitely too short, the matter how hard the editing guy works. Hung definitely deserves a longer one so I hope HBO will consider it for the upcoming season. All the arcs were interesting but some scenes were rushed and the ending cut sharp.
  • Financial Woes and Roadside Mistresses

    While Ronnie and Jessica have to cut back due to the loss of money on the recession climate Ray must deal with a new complicated client who he must pick up and romance and make a connection with (Natalie Zea). At first things don't go right as he has sex with her, then casually asks her out after the second time fixing her tire for her but he just can't seem to get it right. Tanya begs him to just suck it up and deal with her complications as she pays great money and as Ronnie can no longer buy Damon and Darby a car Ray promises them one so he decides to do it.
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