Season 3 Episode 1

'Don't Give Up on Detroit' or 'Hung Like a Horse'

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on HBO

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  • Prosperity: A Ray Drecker Story


    With Tanya working at Starbucks now to support herself Ray and her get the idea to take out a loan to cover a Happiness Consultant place of business. When they get rejected at several banks Tanya tries to give the loan officers a taste of their "business plan" to get them to sign off on it. What ensues is hilarity and what could have been the ultimate date night for Ray turns into a "see you later thanks for getting us warmed up" sort of thing. Their loan is approved and the beginning of the episode has jumped forward three months from last season's finale. With a steady clientèle now at their disposal Ray and Tanya begin seeing their business become more than just profitable but overly prosperous, so much that Ray gets a Mustang (whether leased or bought we don't know) and completely fix up his house. With Season 2 being more downbeat near the latter half it's good to see Ray and Tanya having some fun for a change before the conflict kicks in. Lenore hears of their success and gets picked up by a waiter who is as well endowed as Ray and may be her new ho after he takes a payment from her for his good work. With Ray only substitute teaching twice a week he needs the extra cash. With the foundation almost fully laid for a competition to ensue Hung looks to be on the track for a fun, thrilling, hilarious season.