Season 2 Episode 9

Fat Off My Love or I'm the Allergen

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 29, 2010 on HBO

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  • Number 8, As it Should Be, or We're Criminals: A Tanya, Ray, and Lenore Entanglement

    This season's penultimate episode of Hung saw Ray receiving his three week notice of termination and Mike will no longer speak with him after finding out about the arrangement with Tanya. Lenore, wanting her cut, spreads dirty rumors to Patty about Tanya in order to get back at her for stealing Frances as a client. Tanya looks to Charlie for help, but instead he suggests she look deeper into her relationship with her ho because no ho is worth that much of a headache. Tanya spirals out of control and Ray reunites with Jessica after Ronnie makes a jerk out of himself at Number 8 of most botox seller in Detroit. This episode definitely upped the game and made some key decisions that will hopefully be further resolved next week but now that Ray's no longer a teacher he can be a ho full time to makes ends meet, that is if Tanya or Lenore will still take him that is.