Season 3 Episode 4

'Fuck Me, Mr. Drecker' or 'Let's Not Go to Jail'

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2011 on HBO

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  • "I'm Too Big Aren't I?" or Young Again: A Ray Drecker Story


    After learning that Lydia is indeed a real cop Tanya debates over whether to tell Ray or not, Charlie advises her not to and to keep her happy since she's a paying customer. When Ray and Tanya on separate occasions tell her that Richard is unwilling to continue to do the business she won't take no for an answer. Ray continues his relationship with Logan with some particularly sexy scenes in tow. I fully understand Ray's need to feel young again by living through this sexy student thing what with Jason snatching up all his clients and whatnot. Sandee gets her big screen TV from Lenore and she refuses to up his rate to 400 dollars per client from 200. Apparently Jason and Tanya have been seeing each other and she asks him to do a fake burglary on Lydia's house for her fantasy but when he arrives Lydia discovers that it's not Ray so she knocks out Jason. Jessica gets a cold for some reason and then goes to overwork herself at work to do a good job. She bonds over musical theater with her boss and the two go on a date and then have sex and she admittedly can't deal with the fact. When she goes to visit Ray afterwards she discovers Logan and tells him that it's wrong for him to be seeing her. She leaves as does Logan and Lydia arrests Ray for prostitution. Charlie and Tanya continue their relationship even though he's correct when he says that she never listens to her. Great episode, and it's good to finally see some sort of law enforcement thing happen here even if it is a former client. This episode was all about misunderstandings with both Ray and Tanya trying to tell Lydia that it's over and her trying to show Ray her "softer side" was hilarious especially when she hits him in the bathroom mid coitus. Great stuff, I wonder how Ray will be able to get out of this one?