Season 3 Episode 8

"I Sandee," or "This Sex. Which Is. Not One."

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on HBO

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  • The Ex-Wife Issue

    Lenore brings Jessica to Orgasmic Living to get back at Tanya for taking Jason and I gotta hand it to her, she's pretty dang determined to have her way. Sandee plants the idea of Jason taking over as top dog and taking out Ray by sleeping with Jessica. Meanwhile Charlie is out of the picture this week with the promise of being back and Tanya approaches Charlie's baby mama to see if she's seen him, and someone shows up looking for Charlie saying that he'd violated his bail. Ray gets a massive blow to his ego after the whole Kyla thing and does former student girl and they hang out for a bit. Tanya tells Ray that during group sessions she says that she's faked it sometimes and really hits him down even further. Jason gets Jessica to sign up for a "private session" but she's not really sure what that entails. Apparently Mike and Frances are getting married after their relationship last season and it's good to see some consistency in characters seeing as there are so many surrounding characters that pop in and out of the picture. And Charlie's kids just showing up at Tanya's place because their mom had a key, what the heck? Apparently something funky is going on, and I wanna see Charlie again so that he can sleaze his way out of it or something, especially with the money Tanya with lose because of him. Tanya's struggle with kicking Jessica out of class is easy to understand since she is so clearly repressed and that she did the readings and seems interested in being liberated as a woman. Admittedly Ray's very unstable this episode depressing Mike at the time when his best friend should be telling him how good him marriage is going to be. In the end he finds out about Jess and Jason's date and decides to punch out Jason just because he's so pissed. While it may feel good, this means that all the money they've been making will take a huge hit because Jason will surely either quit or do something else drastic. Only two episodes left, but things are looking good for Jessica to finally discover that Ray is a gigolo, and it's really the only card the writers have left to play now with her since her and Ray are no longer together and their kids are only in every other episode.