Season 2 Episode 1

Just The Tip

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2010 on HBO

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Inspiring story, super cockroach Ray, crazy Tanya, touching Jessica but superficial nudity, not so funny and short format of the drunken pouët

    Of the iceberg ? When it comes to Hung you should know what to expect ! The second season premiere didn't disappoint but it wasn't perfect. First it felt great to have Ray and his gang back for a new ride. Thomas Jane was in good shape and his natural acting made his character grow on us even more. From his coach issues to the whole pimp odyssey his story can only inspire. The motivational speech he gave to his baseball team was convincing and even reminded me of "The Pickle Jar".

    Of course Jane Adams was back as Tanya and at times I think the writers have decided to exchange her role with Jessica, his ex-wife. I mean if I didn't care so much about her fate I would probably send her in an asylum. She can be so silly that I worry about her mental health ! I mean what she did in this episode was just crazy. So it seems Lenore has found the proper nickname for her because it seems her neurons are disjointed or something. Seriously I'm not sure what will happen to her next but I really hope she'll find a way to give some sense to her life because pimping is wrong.

    Anyway beside Ray the most interesting character was probably Jessica. After what happened in the finale I was really wondering what would be their next move and I found their arc both joyful and sad. What her children told her was just painful to hear and I think Anne Heche perfectly portrayed her character. It's interesting to see how much she has involved since the wacky cartoons of the first episodes. But her quest is far from over so watching Hung has never been so exciting !

    Last but not least I question the superficial use of nudity in some scenes. I mean Alanna Ubach is a libido magnet as Yael Koontz, his neighbor, but I think her talent is wasted. Moreover where's her husband ? I miss the hilarious and awkward moments he shared with Ray. So it seems time will always be an issue on the show as some relationships can't be covered properly. But nothing to worry about as I can't see how a demanding viewer wouldn't be pleased by this premiere. Go Ray ! Unleash the Cyrano within !
  • Gettin' better

    The anticipated second season of Hung finally premiered last evening and I walked away feeling pretty good about things to come. First let me talk about the new stuff like Ray doing the pregnant lady, nice to see him have an excuse not to f*** somebody full on and not someone else. Really like the rivalry of Lenore and Tanya and how Tanya went so far as to ask my favorite guest star Lennie James (Jericho, The Prisoner) for Pimp-Advice and to make the ho (Ray) be leashed to her without him knowing it so she now pimps for free and her advice to Ray really worked out so maybe it will. I think they can all work together in an arrangement of some sort but then again there isn't much conflict in that. Like to see the candle somwhat reignited between Jessica and Ray hopefully will be played out a little more later on. Darby and Damon's insight into their mother's co-dependency issues with men is quite interesting but a lack of Ronnie and Jessica's spiteful mother detract a little too much I mean it's ok when you're Raymond's mom because everybody loves you but every other aggressive mother in law is just a pain in the butt. Good points and moving onto baseball next, Ray's almost-made-it-big-league-forever sport maybe some good moments there. Hope to see quite a few more clients next weeks though cause that's what makes it interesting to me, the business of it all. Can't wait.
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