Season 2 Episode 3

'Mind Bullets' or 'Bang Bang Bang Bang Motherf*cker'

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2010 on HBO

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  • Pimp Vs. Pimp Round 2

    This weeks episodes sees the return of the cashmere sweater, and more spectacularly a dognapping. But anyway this week rose an interesting question for Ray, would he have been friends with his kids if he went to high school with them? Lenore stiffs Tanya, and the charmer of the episode is Lennie James as Charlie who provides some real world business perspective into ho-ing particularly with, "One ho and two pimps (laughs). However you wanna run things." This episode upped the game a little, the return of Horny Patty as well as they both fight for Ray and the leash goes on a little tighter even.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Hilarious Tanya and epic versus, children major development, déjà cult restaurant scene, intriguing cliffhanger but short format of the pink and yellow stripped mamba

    Tanya versus Lenore : Round 2. Fight ! In a Fictional Character Deathmatch, instead of a Celebrity one, these two would definitely tear each other apart. Thanks to Jane Adams' hilarious performance it was probably the funniest Hung episode so far. There face off was so well staged that you'll definitely want to watch it again ! The best part is that their mind games are so wicked that you can't help playing with them, trying to guess what their crazy next move will be. I was able to predict one but the others were really unexpected. Am I intrigued ? Hell yes !

    Beside their cartoons Ray was also featured, obviously. First the scene with the children I waited so long since the very first time I saw them finally happened. Have you ever been curious about their ugly appearances and weird behaviors ? Well prepare for some major development ! And at the beginning I naively thought that Ray would be the only bone we would have to gnawn ! Did I forget to mention what happened to Lenore's dog ? Of course I did. An other part involved the black pimp Tanya met last time. It was well written and the actor did a very impressive job. Already cult ? I can't wait for their relationship to develop ! As for Jessica her role was more anecdotic but we learned more about her life as a wife and of course her new friendship with Ray was also covered, in a light casting random shadows around it.
  • An episode that didn't do anything to the plot or the charachters. Totally pointless.

    So i got into Hung because i thought the premise was interesting plus I didn't know much about male prostitution so I hoped it would be somewhat educational [sic]. Eventually i realised that the show is actually a bout choices, family, and relationships. And i said it was ok because it was interesting.

    Nevertheless, I think we hit a dead point in this season and the main reason for this is Tanya. WTF is her role still? I don't really get it: she's a troubled, low self-esteem, no confidence, no good, pimp! She's really pulling the business down for "Richard" and it's really stubborn about it. In the end, she's not losing much, Lenore is not losing anything but Ray just takes all the hits.

    And all this would be OK and welcomed if she weren't such an annoying charachter! Am I the only one that is getting fed up with her and her antics? Come on already, grow up, learn something or move out of the way.

    As for the episode itself, it felt like nothing happend. The "best" part apparently is that Ray find out that Lenore is friend with his ex-wife..which again I don't see why there's so much sympathy for. So what? Keep her out of the male-prostitute bed and everything will be alright!

    I'm so bored with this show now that I think I'm gonna give just one more episode and i'm done.
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