Season 3 Episode 3

'Mister Drecker' or 'Ease Up on the Whup-Ass'

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2011 on HBO

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  • Young and Confused: A Ray Drecker Story


    While at a bar Ray confuses a former student named Logan for a client. Logan tries to catch up with him and shoot the breeze and he lets it slip that he can get her a refund. After his appointment with the actual client he tells Tanya about it and finds a napkin on his convertible with her name and phone number on it (fitting that she'd know since he told her he drove a convertible). Ray has yet another date with Lydia, the run down and tackle and handcuff client. Ray complains that she's going to kill him and Tanya suggests a safe word and when they are enacting a littering fantasy in a park Ray tells her that they need one even though he doesn't want to admit that he needs it. Lenore continues to set up clients for Jason who tells her that Sandee is pregnant and Lenore goes to confront Sandee, who actually isn't pregnant at all, about it and bribes her to use Jason for money. Tanya bails Charlie out of jail and she crashes at his place and may not be willing to follow all of the rules. Jessica gets a job at the medical office of the ex husband of the girl who Ronnie got a handie from in the Season 2 finale and lets something slip that may be detrimental. Ray gives his Jeep to his kids as a courtesy gesture even though they clearly wanted the mustang. When Ray hangs out with Logan she reveals that she knows what he does and offers to pay him but he gets uncomfortable and flees. While mid coitus in another client who says that she can only pick one of him and Jason he decides to pump up the jam and up his speed as well to keep her since Jason has "so much energy." I understand Ray's plight of not wanting to be outdated and needing to feel relevant with all of those clients jumping ship. Tanya and he eventually decide to drop Lydia as a client and she actually turns out to be a cop. Ray goes back to Logan and decides to close the deal on it. It's funny that Ray keeps his trick money in a Puma shoebox. Hung is going places this year and is much more well paced than previous years. The conflict's clear, the sex is incredible, and Ray is still the smirkiest everyman in the Detroit area. Hopes for a season four shouldn't be too out of reach I hope.