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Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 2009 on HBO
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After a tragedy struck Ray and his home, he is forced to seek an alternative source of income as his kids move in with their mom. With his ex-wife unwilling to help, he enrolls in an entrepreneurship seminar where he learns to discover the winning tool which he hopes to bring him much-needed fortune. He also chances upon Tanya, who helps him in his newfound endeavor.moreless

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  • Really loved this episode. Didn't know much about the show which might have played a role.

    I really love this episode. It helped that I didn't know exactly what was going to happen. Apart from the title and knowing that the main character was a coach, I really didn't know where it was going. That's probably why I loved it so much. I laughed so loud, I love the way it just rewinds to tell the story. Thomas Jane as the main character is just perfect, he's not your typical likeable coach. Just the way he treats his kids (and his lovers), he's sort of a jerk but you still root for him. And what a treat to have Jane Adams as the female lead, I loved her so much in "Happiness" and kept waiting for her to get a role as good as that one was, I think she found it. And I was also very please to see Anne Heche as the ex wife. Maybe it's just me but I love her even more now then I did when she started her career. I feel she has grown as a woman and it shows. Just love the scene were she tells Ray that he used to be athletic, popular, handsome and hung and now he's just hung. I also loved it when he decides to stay and camp near his burned house so nobody would rob the place. I know it's just the first episode but if the rest of the season is as good as this one, I believe it will be winning a lot of Golden Globes come next year.moreless
  • A basketball teacher with big problems has an even Bigger solution

    In a recession mirror of the late 2000's Hung is set in Detroit strapped for cash basketball teacher Ray Drecker (Thom Jane) finds his kids alienated from him when his house burns down and they move back with his ex-wife and her husband whom she left him for. Now he struggles through a get rich quick class taught by a positive thinker self inspirational type on how to turn his life around. There he reunites with a guest who used to visit his school for poetry named Tanya who is equally down on her luck, they hook up and think about marketing his one true god given gift, his big dick.moreless
  • Funny, sad, interesting, good lead actor and well produced first episode

    A funny video of Hung decided me to watch its pilot. In fact even if its main subject is serious, male prostitution, it reminded me of the film Deuce Bigalow : Male Gigolo, a quite good comedy. Moreover it's produced by HBO so as a fan of Six Feet Under I thought it could only be good. I was right because this first episode really delivered. First I think many men should relate to Don's middle life crisis. Something terrible happened but it opened his eyes. A wake up call he needed to realize who he's and to find solutions to his problems : Work, family… But even if some scenes were quite dramatic they were balanced with funny ones. The actor is really good and his performance made the protagonist even more believable. However I'm not really convinced by the other cast members and the scene with his wife was over the top as the context wasn't explained. So I really hope his past will be covered in the upcoming episodes to help better understand who Don was. Last but not least the production quality was great so it really felt like a refreshing ice tea.moreless
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William C. Fox


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Mike Ancrile


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Norma Jean Riddick

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Ray Drecker graduated from West Lakefield High School in 1984 and was granted a full baseball scholarship to the University of Central Florida.

    • Ray's ad on the newspaper, found under the "Men for Women" section, reads: "**BIG DONNIE** Will give you every inch of his love. My size fits all. Tall, Blond, Fit. Outcall Only (734) 275-7527."

    • Among the Detroit landmarks and establishments featured in the show's opening credits are the Detroit River, Joe Louis' Fist, the Dodge Fountain at Hart Plaza, Lafayette Coney Island Restaurant, Fox Theatre, Burk's Igloo in Hamtramck, and De Lido Motel.

    • The Get-Rich Seminar pamphlet Ray is holding in the car reads: "The Wealth Whiz Seminars with Floyd Gerber. The Plan to Get Your Rich... FAST! Unleash your inner entrepreneur! Marketing your tool! Making money make YOU money! Got Assets? You're rich... now what? See page 6 for details!"

    • Tanya Skagle has a tattoo on her left wrist that reads "proust".

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Jessica: God, you were magical. In high school you were a king. You were beautiful and...and athletic, and talented and...and smart and popular. And hung!
      Ray: What am I now, Jessica? What am I now?!
      Jessica: Now you're just hung!

    • (The vehicle which brought Darby home just drove off.)
      Ray: Who is that?
      Darby: It's Hammer.
      Ray: Hammer? Who's Hammer?
      Darby: Just a friend.
      Ray: Come on, Darb. Any guy named Hammer is not a good idea at midnight.

    • Ray: (voice-over) What happened to my life? I used to be a big deal. I used to be going somewhere. Now all I ever seem to do is try not to drown.

    • Ray: (voice-over) Dr. Ron Haxon, dermatologist. Overcompensating little fucker who stole my wife. Fucker.

    • Jessica: I am a little shallow. But I am deep enough to admit it. I'm much deeper than people think. And I'm only shallow because I choose to be. I am a beauty queen, Ray. A homecoming, cheerleading, stupid ass beauty queen!

    • Ray: (talking about the kids) They're gonna come back to me, Jessica. I'm more fun and relaxed. You're too uptight.
      Jessica: Having more fun with you almost got them killed.

    • (talking about the sex they just had)
      Ray: You liked what you had the first time. You wanted it again, fine. Just don't fool yourself into some romantic fantasy.
      Tanya: I liked what I had the first time?
      Ray: Unless I'm deaf.

    • Tanya: (to Ray) If you think that I was only interested in you because of your big penis, then all I feel is sorry for you. I really really do.

    • Floyd Gerber: Fear. It's a common stumbling block. But the way to overcome it is to acknowledge it. Validate it. And keep on going. Damn the torpedoes!

  • NOTES (3)


    • This episode contains several references to the band Godhead, as Damon asks Ray to borrow $50 for the concert.

      Godhead is an alternative rock band, formed in Washington D.C. in 1994. They were the only group signed by Marilyn Manson's record label, Posthuman Records.

    • Floyd Gerber: Damn the torpedoes!

      The line "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" is accredited to United States Naval Officer David Glasgow Farragut who issued the command at the Battle of Mobile Bay during the American Civil War.

    • Tanya Skagle: (reading from book) 'There is some kiss we want with our whole lives, the touch of spirit on the body. Seawater begs the pearl to break its shell. And the lily, how passionately it needs some wild darling...'

      Those lines and the ones which follow them come from "There is Some Kiss We Want With Our Whole Lives", Coleman Bark's translation of a poem by Jelalludin Rumi.