Season 2 Episode 4

'Sing It Again, Ray' or 'Home Plate'

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2010 on HBO

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Tanya², positive character development, inspiring artistic elements, impressive direction, hilarious sex fantasy but disappointing Jessica arc

    She's crazy. She's funny. She's clumsy. That's our Tanya ! Jane Adams struck back again as one of the most girl next door character on TV. Ray's story was already inspiring but her best friend definitely made the show more interesting. Each episode the writers dig deeper in their twisted minds and this time it was also the occasion to develop his son's profile. He should grow on us even more in the upcoming episodes and I can't wait for her sister to get her own episode too ! I found the artistic elements quite creative because arts, from singing to drawing, are great ways to express and better comprehend ourselves. So the contents was definitely enlightening but for once I was also very impressed by the direction. The moving walkway scene was well filmed for example, both dynamic and refreshing with its outdoor background. Moreover they used it as an excuse for Tanya to show her stunt skills. Did Adams do it herself ? Anyway it was very cartoony, so irresistible. An other sequence I remember is the last one, when Ray leaves in a dark alley. The camera angle and lighting were just perfect ! I really hope they'll continue to surprise us. Last but not least the pimp arc was also developed even if its role was minor. But for once I sort of enjoyed it, I mean the inevitable sex scene, because it was both hilarious and even revealing. Indeed they focused more on the acting than just showing random body parts so in some way it could… inspire you ? I mean sexual fantasy is a timeless quest and when it features Thomas Jane I can't see any lady turning off her TV ! My only complain would be the whole Jessica's story because it was less exciting than before. I didn't really like the direction it took but we'll see…
  • Happy Birthday, Christine!

    Well, this week was another interesting installment in Hung's state of affairs as we see his co-coach see him about to meet a client at a hotel and could create some tension later on in the season and it lead to one of the funniest scenes this seasons of the drunk party girl making Ray sing "Happy Birthday" while mid coitus. Tania suggests Damon join her at a poetry rally, Jess thinks about the baby, Ronnie can't find oatmeal, Lenore gives Ray the feel bads. They should really go into why Damon had nothing better to do than to piss on home plate, can he not sleep? Does he not want to go home? That was my only complaint was them not going into that at all.
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