Season 3 Episode 2

'Take The Cake' or 'Are You Packing?'

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2011 on HBO

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  • Broken Windows or What It Takes: A Ray Drecker Story (Spoilers Ahead)


    Lenore's discovery of Jason last week leads to him snaking a client out from under Ray, Christina, from last season. At first he just seemed to be someone who knew her to him but when Tanya discovers that Lenore has hacked her email and is sending Jason to their clients saying they might prefer Jason to Ray lead the dynamic duo to debate who is really in charge of taking care of business. Ray has arambunctious run in with a client who likes to chase down, tackle, and handcuff him before sex in the middle of the night. Jason, who at first in the episode seemed to be somewhat doubtful about why they were stealing Ray and Tanya's clients seemed empathetic of sorts. When Lenore went to tell his fiancee that she had sex with him just showed how much of a fighter Lenore truly is. Although I would've liked to see the fallout of that as soon as Jason found out Sandee wasn't returning his calls he would know that Lenore was behind it. His jump from somewhat reluctant to all in tear down Ray and Tanya was contrived. When Tanya goes to visit Charlie who is in jail and needs bail she says she'll think about it and when she goes to meet with Jason to tell him to stay away she ends up sleeping with him instead. Jess must deal with her husband's new lover and having to go back to work. Ray's trying to run after Jason and hobbling in the rain was hilarious and now they are truly resolute to get back at Lenore. Lenore shows up at Orgasmic Living trying to join the class but when they speak privately in Tanya's "office" and she makes her demands Tanya flushes her phone and they assault one another meaning that this means war. Ray's bit of making Jason believe he'll go home and then just handcuffing him to the rail of the elevator was priceless and shows that he is not afraid to play dirty. Great episode, and good to have all the conflict out in the open by the second episode alone, normally it would take much longer for this to happen but the writers have learned that it needs to be hard and fast so that the real games can begin.

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