Season 1 Episode 4

The Pickle Jar

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 26, 2009 on HBO
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Coach Ray hesitantly accepts West Lakefield students' fundraiser collection and uses it to buy a beam for his house. Tanya gets Ray more clients even though he's feeling a bit under the weather. Damon comes to his sister's rescue after Darby's break-up with Hammer.

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Refreshing guest star and emotional character ; inspiring Ray backstory and harsh life ; hilarious, smart and unpredictable controversial scenes

    The enlightenment in this episode was definitely Margo Martindale guest and genuine performance as Molly, a lonely and refined mature woman. Some of us still remember her as Camilla Figg in Dexter where she brought depth to the story, emotion to the scenes and just amazed us in the Easy as Pie episode. So it was really nice to have her back and as expected her character managed to surprise us. First her meeting with Tanya was well staged and at the beginning I wasn't sure what it was all about. I soon understood where their chit chat was leading and it was really like peeping at a locker room. Her other scenes should both make you smile and sad considering Molly has issues of her own.

    It leads us to Ray because Hung is mostly about him after all. I found the downward spiral metaphor of the pickle jar interesting considering what he's going through. Moreover the students explained why they chose him to be its recipient by showing some slides of past events when he used to shine among his peers and inspire them. But the best part was that despite his financial problems he was still a role model for them, someone they can count on. Of course Tanya happiness consultant concept developed further and she tried her best again to motivate Ray. It wasn't easy considering the Lenore incident. In fact the tornado was back and her appearance was so unexpected and audacious that it left me speechless. It was specially hilarious considering the characters who were on her way.

    As for Ray gigolo career I still believe he's on the wrong side of the road. His mother was right to teach him that he should put one foot in front of the other but for the moment he's definitely walking in the wrong direction. That's why I like to compare Thomas Jane character to Michael C. Hall one, Dexter Morgan. They both have a double-life and issues to solve. One is coach Ray the day, but who sometimes feel more like a cockroach, and a man whore at night ; the other a blood spatter analyst and serial killer, who would really like to better control his Dark Passenger. So in their own twisted way they try to live the American dream, be happy and make a difference. So even if they made the wrong decisions or just didn't know what else to do, we have a lot to learn from them.

    Will Ray embrace his new destiny ? Will he find a long term and respectful solution to his financial problems ? We got answers but there're still plenty of issues to solve. From the children to the crazy ex-wife this episode was full of interesting elements. It definitely confirmed the maturity I felt after watching the 3rd one. The recipes are ready to cook and the meals we have already tasted nourishing so I can't wait to watch the remaining episodes. Considering its numerous qualities it's not a surprise Hung was greenlighted for a second season.moreless
  • A house beam for your troubles, you shouldn't have

    After accidentally giving the lyric bread to his neighbor as a cease fire for threatening him after the public indecency thing of pissing the lake Ray's neighbor's wife begins to take an eye to him which he doesn't get. Also Tanya hooks Ray up with an elderly female client who Ray cancels on as he doesn't feel well and he also gets a pickle jar from his students fund raiser for his house and uses it to buy a house beam although it doesn't turn out to be enough at all for even half of one. After Hammer ruins Darby's feel goods Damon picks a fight at a drive in with him and Ray has to come to the rescue.moreless
Margo Martindale

Margo Martindale


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Michael Blaiklock


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Justen Balay


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Steve Hytner

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Rebecca Creskoff


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Alanna Ubach

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Episode Title: The pickle jar is the jar of fundraiser money given to Ray by his school's student council to help him buy a structural beam for his house.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Ray: I don't know if I really feel comfortable doing Molly.
      Tanya: Why the hell not?
      Ray: Uh, just...I...she's not really my type.
      Tanya: Not your type? What's your type, Ray?
      Ray: She's just not exactly what I was expecting.
      Tanya: What were you expecting?
      Ray: I don't know, just, you know, someone who look like they're sexually active.
      Tanya: You mean somebody you want to be sexually active with. So insulting!

    • Darby: Why are outdoor movies always so violent?
      Ray: Blood and gore plays great on the big screen. It's the great tradition of the B-movie.
      Damon: Yeah, the family that screams together stays together.
      Darby: Not in our case.

    • Jessica: (as Damon gets his nails painted at the salon) Oh, that black looks good Damon, I'm so glad you came with us. That's not effeminate at all. Lots of guys get their nails done, doesn't mean you're gay.
      Damon: I'm not gay.
      Jessica: Well either way, I love you guys.

    • Ray: (voice-over) I'd been a jock, student leader, professional ballplayer, an educator. Is this really the material from which male prostitutes are made?

    • Ray: What's the second address, Tanya?
      Tanya: You went?
      Ray: Sure I went, I'm going again.
      Tanya: Really? Ray, oh my god, that's fantastic! You're a god!
      Ray: You're not the only woman to say that tonight, if you catch my drift.

    • Ray: (after breaking up the fight between Damon and Hammer) Are you Hammer?
      Hammer: Yes sir.
      Ray: What's wrong with you? You upset my daughter, you're about to hit my son when you're like twice as fat!

    • Tanya: You know what I think? I think that this whole 'I'm sick' thing is, uh, psychosomatic.
      Ray: Tanya, my head is pounding.
      Tanya: Ray, come on. Right before you're supposed to perform, you get sick.
      Ray: I got no problems performing, okay? Soon as I'm better, I'll perform any night of the week.
      Tanya: Can you handle twice in a night?
      Ray: Twice in a night? That's child's play, Tanya.

    • Student: (presenting the pickle jar to Ray) Coach, we know you lost your roof in the fire, so we thought we'd buy you a structural beam. We think this $235 will buy you about one and half beams, depending on the quality of the wood. We hope you enjoy the beams for many years to come.

    • Ray: (voice-over, as a student gives a speech about him before presenting the pickle jar) Not only did she make sound like a turd, she left out the best my contract with the Braves and my ligament injury. Like how I tasted and came close to greatness.

    • Tanya: I don't like the idea of some muscled-out shiny-looking probably gay boy gyrating on me.

    • Molly: Make sure you throw me a good looking one, then.
      Tanya: Naturally.
      Molly: And make sure he doesn't have a know...wiener. Lenore said she'd never had such...look, I get enough teeny-weeny dick already. Don't even send me a medium size, I'm not even kidding.
      Tanya: Molly, relax. We have no problems in that area.

    • Damon: Forget him, Darby. Hammer reeks.
      Darby: That's just his funky glands.

    • Lenore: Do you have a problem with me?
      Jessica: I just might if you don't temper your language.
      Lenore: Here, babe. (hands Jessica her business card) If you ever want to pick out an outfit to match that stick up your ass, give me a call.

    • Tanya: Happiness Consultants does not discriminate. Not every customer is going to be some perfect big-breasted ten.

    • Ray: Listen, when life gives you lemons...
      Damon: What, you make lemonade?
      Ray: Well, yeah. If you like lemonade.

    • Ray: I'm a professional. It's my job to make you forget about your husband. You might have a hard time saying no to him... But I promise you, Molly, you won't have a hard time saying yes to me.

    • Ray: (voice-over) A jock, a student leader, a professional ballplayer, an educator, a gigolo. Perhaps an excellent gigolo. An enthusiastic, fucking fantastic fucker.

  • NOTES (3)