Season 1 Episode 7

The Rita Flower; The Indelible Stench

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 16, 2009 on HBO
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Ray deals with his developing feelings for Jemma. Meanwhile, Tanya meets someone new who may help her overcome her writer's block. As Ray is scouting for potential customers at a farmer's market, he bumps into Jessica who invites him over for a family dinner.

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Inspiring Tanya backstory, interesting new character, energetic and funny pimp arc, convincing acting but short format of the apocalypse

    When the "The Pickle Jar" episode focused more on Ray's past this seventh installment covered Tanya's story, before the pimp incident. As expected Jane Adams performance was convincing and she should make her character grow on you even more. Like in the third episode she reminded me of the girl next door, the one you could be friends with and have a strange relationship. I found the issues she had to deal with quite interesting and I can't wait for a sequel. Family, personal, work, friends. We all have issues in these domains so I'm sure most viewers should identify with Tanya. Sometimes the only way to fully live the present is to dig in your past to find the resources to succeed in the future. Who was I ? What did I do ? What are the mistakes I made and how can I avoid to repeat them over and over ? To learn her lesson Tanya was helped by a new inspiring character. However even if I found it quite interesting the short format ruined part of their arc because you can't expect us to accept and care about someone just in thirty seconds. But in the end their scenes were definitely the enlightenment of the episode.

    As for the other elements Ray and Jemma's relationship was also covered but only for a very short period. In fact Natalie Zea only appeared on screen for a few brief seconds so I really hope she'll be back in the next installment. For once the Koontz neighbors were featured and it seems the writers have finally found a purpose to all their working out sessions, specially the slim and athletic Ms Yael energetically played by Alanna Ubach. It should change the way your consider these little innocent things we call cookies. The happy consultants also continued their quest to seduce clients. Tanya's role was anecdotic considering she had other priorities but following Ray's whereabouts was definitely funny as Thomas Jane's acting is just irresistible. Peach, melons, flowers. Choose your weapons gentlemen !

    To hang, hung, hung. Reviewing as a second language should be mandatory. It's what so great about the show because once again it proved that television is not necessarily dumber than literature. Hung is definitely one of the best symbol of smart entertainment.moreless
  • Blossoming Clients and Feelings Galore

    Hung this week saw Tanya hooking up with a cool new guy names Pierce who may help her pick up writing poetry again after having put down the pen for a quite a good while. Ray is encouraged and tries to pick up potential clients while at a farmer's market quite awkwardly after telling Tanya that he doesn't want Jemma to have to pay anymore as he has developed romantic feelings for her now, and Jess sees him there and invites him over for dinner where he asks Ronnie how he got to be with a 10 out of 10 like Jess when he's clearly just a nice guy who's a dermatologist.moreless
Natalie Zea

Natalie Zea


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Joshua Leonard

Joshua Leonard


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Rhea Perlman

Rhea Perlman

Vera-Joan Skagle

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Steve Hytner

Steve Hytner

Floyd Gerber

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Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach

Yael Koontz

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Episode Title: At the restaurant, Floyd tells his student Rita Chen that he wants "the Rita Flower to blossom, not wilt." "The Indelible Stench" is the title of Tanya's poem about her body odor problem in seventh grade.

    • Tanya's "proust" tattoo on her left wrist refers to Marcel Proust, a 20th century novelist whose most famous work is À la recherche du temps perdu (In Search of Lost Time).
      Tanya mentions to Pierce that she should have gotten a Plath tattoo. This refers to Sylvia Plath, a poet and short story writer who authored an autobiographical novel called The Bell Jar.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Ray: I don't think Jemma should be a client anymore.
      Tanya: You want to cut her off?
      Ray: No, I don't want to cut her off, I just don't...I don't want her to be a client.
      Tanya: What are you saying?
      Ray: I think, uh...
      Tanya: What?
      Ray: I want her...I want her...
      Tanya: To be your girlfriend or something?

    • Tanya: It sucked! My poem sucked!
      Pierce: Maybe...but hey, you started writing again.
      Tanya: I'm not...I didn't start anything. I wrote that poem when I was fourteen. I'm a failure. It sucked then, and it sucks now.
      Pierce: It actually wasn't that bad for fourteen.
      Tanya: I'm not fourteen, Pierce! I'm much, much older!

    • Ray: (voice-over, after finding out that Yael didn't plan to pay him for sex) So I struck out as my own pimp. But I gotta say, we each got a bargain.

    • (Ray covers Jemma's eyes as he walks her down to his tent)
      Ray: Keep 'em closed.
      Jemma: They're closed, god Ray! I hope this isn't the part where you hack me into bits and bury me in the woods. Cause this is not the outfit I want to be found dead in.

    • Tanya: (hands Pierce a poem) Oh wait, see this is from seventh grade, the year I had really bad B.O. and my mom wouldn't let me wear deodorant. I wrote a poem about it.
      Pierce: Indelible Stench?

    • Ray: Look, I'm saying, uh...I'd like to date you, Jemma.
      Jemma: So, you want me to, um, go on a real date with you and, like, then maybe I have sex with you and maybe I don't?
      Ray: Well, I think we're a little beyond the maybe part, but, uh...
      Jemma: Ah, Ray Drecker, you know when you get all soft and serious it''s very hard to turn you down.

    • Ray: (voice-over while making love to Jemma) This was it. No more bullshit. No Randall, no force-fed lines, no flat tires by the side of the road. It was just me and her making out in my tent with the wind howling outside. It felt different this time. It felt real. (the next morning) Which is why waking up next to that pile of cold hard cash felt like such a kick in the gut.

    • Tanya: Lately my work's been avoiding me.
      Pierce: How long's it been avoiding you for?
      Tanya: About two years.
      Pierce: Two years?!
      Tanya: Yeah, I'm pretty blocked.
      Pierce: That's the most tragic thing I ever heard.
      Tanya: I just...I, I hate that, when people say 'I'm a poet' when they don't even write. When I was a child, I was really prolific. My adolescence was, ah, so fertile. I hemorrhaged words.
      Pierce: So what stopped the bleeding?
      Tanya: I think it was my mother.

    • (Tanya dry-humping Pierce as she once did her neighbor Jacob)
      Pierce: Out of curiosity, did Jacob have any pubic hair? Because I do. And I actually feel like you're about to start a brush fire.

    • Floyd: It was great to see you, Tanya.
      Tanya: Well yeah, fuck you, Floyd!

    • (Yael walks in as Ray steps out of the shower)
      Yael: Shit, Ray, that is one beautiful penis. Who knew you were hiding that next door?
      Ray: Thank you, I think.
      Yael: Ray, I was...I was thinking, you know, we should try, uh, looking out for each other, you and I.
      Ray: Oh. What do you mean?
      Yael: Like, I could take care of what you need, and you could take care of me.
      Ray: I don't follow.
      Yael: Well what do you mean? I scratch your back, you scratch mine. How is this confusing? I help you out!
      Ray: And, uh, compensate me? Is that right, Mrs. Koontz?
      Yael: Yes, Ray. Am I making you feel too dirty?

  • NOTES (3)