Season 3 Episode 10

The Whole Beefalo

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on HBO

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  • Poor ending...

    Well, no wonder that the show was cancelled. They simply ran out of ideas. The last three episodes were a complete let down - without any idea that could be followed up. The first season was smoking, the second one was ok but the third one, not counting individual episodes, seemed to be hitting the bottom. I certainly would miss the show but with such quality it is good it ended that way.
  • Wellness in Danger: A Ray Drecker Season Finale


    Jason apologizes to Lenore for betraying her and the two have sex in the back of his car where she tells him to leave Sandee to prove himself to her. Ray goes over to Tanya's after finding that the bail bonds people are taking everything of value from the wellness center and Ray confronts her about putting things right. They seek out Charlie who owes them their money. They get Lydia to track down the license plate that Tanya wrote down last episode. Jessica gets fired from her job at the clinic when her weirdo boss accuses her of contaminating urine samples which was probablycontaminated in some other way entirely. She takes a page out of Lenore's book and finally gets her neighbors to shut off theirreallyloud music and she goes to the office where she demands a severance package and benefits for his sexual harassment of her. Jason breaks up with Sandee as a total douche move right after her grandmother had just passed away. Sandee then goes to Lenore and gives her a cake of peace that says "BANG" but Sandee then proceeds with shooting Lenore and a resounding yes was heard around the homes of many people at that moment although she could very well still be alive, I don't imagine Sandee is a very good shot. Ray and Tanya find Charlie's address and steal his Beefalo cows which are worth four thousand dollars a piece and will pay off the forty thousand dollars that they owe the bonds people. Charlie catches them mid theft and Tanya's fake out call to the police makes Charlie desist and give them ten of them. So their debt will be paid off as soon as they find a butcher to pay for those beefalos, but things are in good condition. While not rife with conflict this season of Hung learned a lesson in just letting go and having fun. Next season, hopefully if there is one, will hopefully have a more definitive arc for Ray and Tanya as the overall season arc was muddled at best while still sexy and hilarious as Hung always has been. I'm interested to see where they'll go with Jessica now that she knows about Ray's secret, will they ever get back together? Or will Ray and Tanya finally realize their perfect for one another? Big questions as we now wonder where Jason will stand with Lenore dead and Sandee in prison. Overall I give them season a 7.3.