Season 1 Episode 8

'Thith Ith A Prothetic' or 'You Come Just Right'

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 23, 2009 on HBO
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After Jemma tells Ray she wants a break from their relationship, Ray goes to Tanya seeking advice. Tanya has to deal with issues of her own -- with her mysterious boyfriend Pierce and her ongoing marketing strategies for Happiness Consultants. Lenore can't keep from minding her own business and meddles with Tanya's. Ray, agreeing to a family dinner at Ronnie's, finds himself in an awkward spot.moreless

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  • You're lame "Ray"!

    THAT'S why you can't get the girl! Enough with the self absorbed, self pitying entire cast!

    This show could be awesome. The chance for some really clever, intelligent and yet mature humour is right there in the writer's computers and I dunno, they must be on VISTA or something, because they just don't seem to be able to get it up...there...on the screen without crashing and burning! If this show were real life, I would not give a single one of these characters the time of day, and if on a TV show, you can't relate to a character, you turn the channel.

    The best lines in this episode came as Tanya passed on the "Dear Ray" message from Jemma, and I had to give them kudos for having the girl want to see what it felt like to do the dumping to someone who cared, for no reason. Cold, but don't we all just want to go there...just once...just for one brief moment...?

    Despite the bad reviews, I will still check in every now and then, because you know?: I believe "it" is in there somewhere, though currently I get as much just looking at the ceiling and thinking of England.moreless
  • The Break Up: A Ray Drecker Story

    After Jemma tells Ray she wants it quits on their flinging together he searches out Tanya who is busy dealing with Lenore who seems to have taken a rekindled interest in Ray's and her "business" what with a new ad making its way into the classifieds. Lenore hooks Ray up with a new suit and tells him that he should be upping his price not lowering it and they have sex in a furniture store. Turns out that Jemma had been hurt in her previous love affairs and wanted payback to be hers this time, not even Tanya knew. Poor Ray Drecker. And Tanya's boyfriend is quite the anomaly.moreless
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Inspiring friendship, authentic acting, realistic and sad story but missing cartoony scenes and short format of the living dead

    Tanya and Ray are the strangest friends but the closest thing to female and male friendship I have ever seen on TV. Their authentic profiles and the skillful acting of the performers continue to make them grow on us. As expected there was something sad about this installment as Jemma didn't show up at the end of the previous episode. I knew something was wrong with her and the development of that arc was quite surprising. It's like in the real life, people keep doing the same mistakes over and over. It's like a neverending sad story. However in Hung things are not just pictured in their darkest light as the writers found it more appropriate to also shadow the doubts of the protagonists with brighter moments and exquisite dialogs. Even if I miss the crazy scenes involving the mother or the children there're still plenty of elements to appeal the heart and soul. First I really liked the sad music theme and it perfectly suited the scenes it was used in. Second the relationship between Ray and his ex-wife was developed and we learned why she broke with him. Let's hope it'll help him to become a better man and motivate him because even if it hurts to know the truth I think it's better than believing in naive happy endings. Like in Dexter the show is all about fixing the broken doll within and solving complex issues. Will Ray ever manage to save himself from his Dark Passenger ? I bet he will ! You can only be successful with such a big brain in your pants after all.moreless
Natalie Zea

Natalie Zea


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Joshua Leonard


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Rebecca Creskoff


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MaryLouise Burke

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Lauren Weedman

Horny Patty

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Episode Title: "Ith a prothetic" is a line spoken by a lisping Damon when his father asks him about his pierced tongue. "I think you come just right" is what Ray tells Tanya to reassure her after having doubts about their first sexual encounter.

    • Goof: In the scene where Ray is supposed to give a note to Jemma outside her workplace, he is holding out the paper towards Jemma while she walks away. In the next immediate shot, the hand holding the note jumped from being extended to being on his waist. Ray then pulls the note from under his jacket, holds it out, and tears it up.

    • Goof: When Jessica yells at Ray in the tent, he is so startled that he drops the pen and pad he is holding. The next shot shows Ray holding both items in his right hand.

    • The Michigan plate number on Ray's car is JXB-92H1.

    • The phone number to call to request the services of Happiness Consultants is 313-555-0168.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Ray: I just wanted to give you this. It's a letter. It's from my heart.
      Jemma: F*ck your heart.
      Ray: What?
      Jemma: F*ck your heart.
      Ray: I don't understand.
      Jemma: What don't you understand, Ray? I said f*ck your heart. I paid in full.
      Ray: You paid in full.
      Jemma: Don't call me again.

    • (Tanya tries to convince Patty to try Happiness Consultants)
      Tanya: It's really not appropriate for the workplace but, um...I'll share. Lenore has a service for women who feel help them feel less alone.
      Patty: What are you talking about?
      Tanya: It's a service for women. There are times when I find myself fighting these urges that rise in me. I desperately want a man, this service helps satisfy that urge. I know, it sounds shocking, but you wouldn't believe how good it is.

    • Tanya: (to Ray) I put a lot of effort into being your pimp, and I just feel like if you can't respect my part of running this business, then I'm just gonna go back to making lyric bread. So are you ready to work your ass off and be part of my winning team?

    • (Ray walks in as Ronnie is washing dishes)
      Ronnie: (referring to Jessica) You know, I'm not doing this because she told me to, I'm doing this because I choose to.
      Ray: I didn't say anything, Ron.
      Ronnie: You know, I'm not in the doghouse, Ray. You know, I'm in my house. Not my parents' old house, not a tent...but my home that I bought with my very own, grown-up money. So I'll do the dishes if I please.

    • Ray: (voice-over) I said no to Jessica so I could say yes to Jemma. But when Jemma said no to me, dinner with my family sounded pretty good.

    • Ray: (voice-over) Screwing Patty was easy. F***ing isn't hard. It's the mind-f***king you gotta watch out for. She came, and then it came to me. I had to be completely honest. I had to say everything.

    • Lotte: Lazy family. Ronnie is feeling lazy.
      Jessica: That's not true!
      Lotte: Is true!
      Jessica: Not true!
      Lotte: It is true!
      Ronnie: Ronnie is right here. There is no need to speak about him in the third person. (turns to face Ray) You see, Ronnie wasn't on the barbecue because he was busy working in his office.

    • Ray: My wife, ex-wife. You think that's why she left me for you? Because of the money?
      Ronnie: What kind of douchebag are you?
      Ray: I didn't mean anything by it, Ron. I just, did you get the girl? How did a guy like you get the girl from a guy like me? Just...
      Ronnie: Why don't you go home, Ray.
      Ray: Hey, I'm not trying to pick a fight, Ron. I've gotta admit, it's a little unusual, that's all.
      Ronnie: Get out of my house!

    • Lenore: Why would you put a sex ad in the lifestyle section when it should be with the sex ads?
      Tanya: I don't think the sex ads are classy.
      Lenore: Look, T-Brain, this is your problem. You over-think. If you want sex, look in the sex ads. It's Pimp 101.
      Tanya: Lenore, I have a complex marketing strategy.
      Lenore: F*ck your marketing strategy.

    • Tanya: You mean, Patty the proofreader?
      Lenore: Yeah, she's the horniest woman I've ever met. Doing it right there at her desk.
      Tanya: No, she was not. She was concentrating.
      Lenore: Yeah, concentrating on getting fucked.

    • Ray: (referring to Ronnie) What are you so mad about? What, because I talked to him?
      Jessica: You're putting ideas into his head! You're trying to sabotage my marriage!
      Ray: I just wanted to know how he got you. The idea to ask him just popped in my head.
      Jessica: Okay, next time something pops into your head, ask me, Ray. I divorced a boy to marry a man.

    • Horny Patty: Oh, I'm having a good time.
      Ray: Good.
      Horny Patty: Let's fuck.
      Ray: Well.
      Horny Patty: That's something else I never say. God it's sounds so great.
      Ray: Shit, you can say it again if you want to.
      Horny Patty: Okay. Let's fuck. Let's fuck. Let's fuck. Let's fuck. Let's fuck. Let's fuck! Let's fuck. Let's fuck! Let's fuck. Let's fuck. Let's fuck. Let's fuck.

    • Pierce: I was a vegetarian once, and then I realized that if fish was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for Pierce.

    • Tanya: How come you never called me after that first night? I mean, other than you think that I come too much.
      Ray: I think you come perfect. I... I think you come just right.
      Tanya: Thanks.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: November 21, 2009 on HBO Latinoamerica Este
      Czech Republic: November 24, 2009 on HBO
      United Kingdom: December 3, 2009 on More4
      Finland: November 8, 2010 on YLE TV1

    • Featured Music:
      • "La Mitad" by Natalia Clavier.
      • "Make Me Baby" by Jimmy From Detroit.
      • "Play the Game" by Craig Wedren (originally by Queen).