Season 3 Episode 5

'We're Golden' or 'Crooks and the Big Beaver'

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on HBO

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  • Lady Cop Blues: A Ray Drecker Story


    With Ray now stuck in the back of Lydia's police car and her intentions being unclear things don't look so good. She drives him to a house and points out that one of the cops there is her husband who's hurt her and now doesn't want kids when she does. Ray manages to snake his cell phone out and call Tanya for help while Lydia is out of earshot and Tanya doesn't heed Charlie's advice of leaving Ray to his own troubles. So of course Lydia notices Tanya following them and handcuffs her too and Tanya tries to explain why women are empowered by Orgasmic Living and whatnot but Tanya always sounds more awkward and uncertain than convincing and passionate despite the circumstances. Ray gets a call from Damon and Lydia lets him go to Jessica's help to stop his daughter from moving out suddenly because Jessica slept with her boss and she sees Jessica's cycle of disposable men starting again. Ray manages to get them into a funny group hug and accomplished what he went there to do. Lydia then tries to confront her husband about being with Ray but she can't bring herself to do it. In the end ends up doing Ray for free as a severance package like last week but this time she lets him go permanently and Ray and Tanya are free to go. By far not the best episode this show has to offer at all even though the idea is good the stakes were high but the whole episode felt like a total fake-out when she just said, "oops looks like I can't do it after all" and then just lets them go. Kind of a let down.

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