Season 3 Episode 7

'What's Going on Downstairs' or 'Don't Eat Prince Eric!'

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on HBO

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  • The best episode of the season

    In my humble opinion this is the best episode of the whole season. It contains basically everything what you could expect from "Hung". It shows emotions, tolerance and courage of people. Great episode!
  • Adjustment: A Ray Drecker Story


    Ray is unaware of Kyla's status as a man, as he slept over at her house but didn't have sex with her, Tanya intervenes and Ray leaves his and Kyla's date early. In the Wellness Center both Ray and Jason give a showing to new clients bringing in the "Samson File" and while Jason gets 5 new clients, Ray only gets 2. He doesn't want to take Kyla's request for another date and hands it off to Jason but changes his mind so that he has the extra one. Charlie helps Tanya find out what happened to Ray's money by sabotaging Jason and Sandee's TV and sound system after having found a red shoebox with money in it in their bathroom exactly the one that Ray lost. Good to see Charlie go all bad ass pimp on them, Lenore finds out about Jason jumping ship to Tanya and Ray and looks to get back at them by getting Jessica to learn Ray's secret about being a ho. Ray goes with Kyla to a high school reunion that she went to as a man named Dan. People don't recognize her at first and she introduces Ray and her fiancee but Ray can't handle it so he sits out while she dances with the hottest guy there from the high school days. Sandee wants to start a porn site for her and Tanya's partnership call "" but Tanya says no without the clients' permission. While at the reunion at a table a couple guys are talking baseball and they recognize Ray as Ray Drecker, having won state ball and gotten drafted by the Braves when he was younger. This is a nice touch to the episode, but the guys also recognize Kyla as Dan when he was a man and the rumors begin to spread, so much so that the man she's dancing with gets whispered it and he altogether leaves. This dispirits Kyla and she starts to leave but Ray interjects and says "screw what they think." The two dance to the last sequence of the episode Ray having learned a valuable lesson of what it must be like to be her for a day and that it doesn't matter what others think. The biggest part was that Charlie was the one who took Ray's money and he departs but leaves a note that says that he'll be back by Sunday. Whether he'll be back or not I hope he is, because Charlie adds a flare that this show needs to have present to remind us of the real world of prostitution business. That means that Charlie either planted the shoebox in their house or they actually had a red shoebox with money in it as well. This remains somewhat of a loose thread, but overall a very good episode.

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