Hungry Heart - Wild Striker

Fuji Television (ended 2003)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • You' re... Kyosuke?
      Kyosuke Kanou is a 16 years old boy, and he is on the first year of Highschool in Jyojo Akanegaoka. When he is in the street with his friends, he fights a couple of thieves and when they are running away, they push a little kid lover of soccer. This incident makes Kyosuke to show his skills at soccer shooting the ball that the kid dropped. This incident was watched by Mori and Miki, two persons that goes to the same highschool of Kyosuke. The next day, Kyosuke is asked by Miki to be the coach of Akanegaoka' female soccer team for a week, and Kyosuke accepted. Now, Kyosuke has to face the soccer one more time.moreless
    • Thank you.. Coach!
      Kyosuke is now the coach of the female soccer team of Akanegaoka. As a first training, he puts the girls to grab all the rocks and herbs of the field from the first line of goal to the other one. With this task, the girls of the team, eventually leaves the team and only Miki stays until the end. With this task and a thanks from Miki, Kyosuke realizes that he still loves soccer and with the help of Mori, he decides to play again soccer and he decides to join the male soccer team of Akanegaoka.moreless
    • I'm not gonna lose!
      Kyosuke finally joins Akanegaoka' s soccer team where he meet Rodrigo and Sakai, and to prove his skills he challenges Kamata and Sako, the captains of the team to a friendly game but a one price, the loser has to run 100 laps around the field. Will Kyosuke wins the bet? or is he going to run 100 laps?moreless
    • Me? What? Defender?
      akanegaoka is going to play a friendly game with Kokuryou highschool, the number 1 team in the region. Rodrigo and Sakai has been chosen to play as main players in the team, but Kyosuke is chosen as defender instead of forward. Can Kyosuke play as a defense?.
    • Running away?
      Running away?
      Episode 5
      Kyosuke doens' t play very well as a defense this cause that Akanegaoka loses the game againts Kokuryou 3-1. Kyosuke doens' t like his position because he is a forward, he ignores the true intentions of the coach and he leaves the team.
    • Why do you have to be a forward?
      Now that Kyosuke quits soccer again, he went with his friends again in the streets. He doens' t want to accept that he is running away from his brother and from the soccer. Meanwhile, Akanegaoka' female team is playing the first game in the interhigh tournament and they are playing against Himenokawa, a tough team. When Kyosuke watch the game, he decides to cheer them up in the game, but they lose the game 9-0. After that, Kyosuke decides to keep his promise to Miki and he decides to return to Akanegaoka.moreless
    • Don't underestimate soccer!
      Rodrigo' game style has Ichikawa upset and they have a fight between them. After that Murakami challenges Rodrigo to play with Kamata and beat his defense.
    • I' ll never give up my position!
      Sakai realized that he has a weakpoint, during a practice of shoots with Murakami the coach. Then, later that night he practices with Rodrigo and Kyosuke and then, he remembers the reasons of his weakpoint, an accident when he was a child. The next day, Sakai has to prove Murakami that he is the best goalkeeper and that he is not gonna give up his position.moreless
    • You're A Man! What are you cowering about?
      The interhigh tournament has finally begins and the first game of the 1st round is Akanegaoka Vs Johoku. Kyosuke has been chosen to play as forward, but during the game, Kyosuke is not playing well ans he is not in coordination with the other forward, Shimizu. This mistake causes that the other team scores tree goals. Then during the break, Kyosuke is chosen as the only forward in the game and he has to prove that he is not a coward. Can Kyosuke prove that he is worth to be a forward?moreless
    • I can see it! I can clearly see it!
      Kyosuke has read the minds of his opponents and he scores two goals in the game. This is the result of playing as a defense, in that way he could see the plays of the defense. But the other team is not gonna allow Kyosuke to keep scoring, so Kyosuke has to find a way to score and win the game.moreless
    • Is Kyosuke Akanegaoka's weakpoint?
      The next game in the interhigh tournament is Akanegaoka Vs Ryosei, and the captain of Ryosei and brother of Rye, Furuki, has a strategy called "ID soccer" where he takes advantage of weakpoints of the other team. He thinks that Kyosuke is Akanegaoka' s weakpoint because Kyosuke' s game style is unworthy and he is making mistakes during the game. With this situation, Kyosuke has lost the confidence from his teammates and now he is alone. Can Akanegaoka win the game and advance to the 3rd round? or Furuki is right and Kyosuke is Akanegaoka' s weakpoint?.moreless
    • Don' t be taken by the posts!
      Akanegaoka is losing the game 1-0 against Ryosei. Kyosuke is making mistakes one after another and everything is happen just like Furuki planned. But Sako comes with a new strategy that could change the things in the game, Kyosuke has to shoot from a long distance and try to score. Will this tactic worth? Can Akanegaoka win the game with this tactic?.moreless
    • Hot-headed mister!
      Hot-headed mister!
      Episode 13
      Kyosuke meets the kid that he met in the street in the first episode, his name is Kenta and he is the brother of Miki' classmate, Kari. Kenta becomes the first fan of Kyosuke because of his ability to shoot. The next day, the 3rd round of the interhigh tournament begins. This game is between Aganekaoka and Yamanomori. Can Akanegaoka win the game and make it to the semifinals?.moreless
    • Everyone! Gather in the Locker Room!
      During the first time of the game, Akanegaoka' tactics aren' t working because of the teamwork of Yamanomori and they are winning the game by two goals. Then, during the break, Murakami try to cheer them up and he tells them of a new strategy. Meanwhile, Mori is feeling bad because he likes the game style of Yamanomori and he has doubts about his confidence of the team. Now with a new strategy in mind, Will Akanegaoka change the score in the 2nd time?.moreless
    • What's That Shot?
      What's That Shot?
      Episode 15
      During the 2nd time, Akanegaoka' new strategy is working and they were able to tie the score. However during the game, Rodrigo' leg gets injured and he is trying to play the whole game even with his injury. At the end of the game, with the assist of Sakai, Kyosuke, and finally Rodrigo, Akanegaoka wins the game scoring one last goal. Now Akanegaoka will play against Kokuryou in the semifinals.moreless
    • This Is It! I Can't Take It Anymore!
      Ichikawa gets angry with Rodrigo' gamestyle and he is not gonna take it anymore. He tells Sako and Kamata and they try to calm him down for a moment. Meanwhile, Miki finds out about Rodrigo' injury and he tells her to not say anything about it. With this condition, Can Rodrigo play the next game well?.moreless
    • I'll Drag You Out Right Now!
      Akanegaoka is facing Kokuryou in the interhigh tournament semifinals. Rodrigo is determined to show his skills in front of the talents hunters. but during the game, his injury is getting worst. Besides of that, Akanegaoka is having problems to score a goal against Iguti. Near the end of the first time, and withou goals, The coach of Kokuryou is going to switch two of his players with the Fujimori brothers, two midforwards veri talented.moreless
    • Something is Wrong With Rodrigo!
      The game between Kokuryou and Akanegaoka continue. With the entrance of the Fujimori Brothers, Kaoru and Minoru Kokuryou' offensive is stronger now. Rodrigo is trying to face them but his injury is worst than before and he fail in the game. LAter in the lockers, everybody finds out about Rodrigo injury, but Rodrigo still wants to play and he asked Murakami to play 5 more minutes. Can Rodrigo finally work as a teamwork?.moreless
    • When I Said I'll Make It, I'll Make It!
      The 2nd time begins and Rodrigo is finally playing with the team. With this. Akanegaoka takes control of the game for a while. But the 5 minutes pass and Rodrigo is out of the game. But not only that, Kokuryou is using now the best player of the region, Kamiyama. With the entrance of Kamiyama, Kokuryou regains the control of the game. Now Kyosuke challenges Kamiyama to a duel. Will Akanegaoka win the game? Will Kyosuke beat Kamiyama?.moreless
    • Hesitating is so unlike you!
      Kyosuke receives a letter from his brother, Seisuke Kanou.
    • A sore loser!
      A sore loser!
      Episode 21
      Seisuke tells Dr. Kaori the story of Kyosuke and the reasons for Kyosuke to quit soccer. Meanwhile, Miki convices Kyosuke to confront his brother and watch him play in the friendly game between Japan and Auckland.
    • What are we doing?
      What are we doing?
      Episode 22
      Kyosuke and the rest of the team of Akanegaoka goes to training in summer on the beach, but they have problems to find a nice hotel and a soccer field. So Kyosuke rent a place on the beach so they can work and eventually rent a soccer field.
    • Open-air bath?
      Open-air bath?
      Episode 23
      Kyosuke, Esaka and the rest of the teammates of first year, are trying to scare all the girls of the female soccer team.
    • You guys are too cocky!
      An old friend of Murakami, Gon Nakayama an active player of the japanese national team, has come to the place of training. Kyosuke decides to test his skills and he challenges Gon to a duel in a game.
    • I' m going to face the world of soccer!
      As the regional tournament is closing, Kamata is feeling down because his dad is feeling bad and he has to quit soccer to help him in their store. Kyosuke then, went to talk with Kamata' s father to change his decision of Kamata quiting soccer.
    • I' ve been waiting for this!
      The interhigh regional tournament has finally begins, and with new uniforms Akanegaoka is determined to win and advance to the semifinals. In the semifinals they are playing against Ryosei, but this time, Furuki is after Sakai' s weakpoint.
    • Let the penalty shoot-out begins
      The game between Akanegaoka and Ryosei ended in a tie and they are going to the Penalty shoot out. Sakai must overcome his weakpoint in order to win the game and advance to the finals.
    • Do what we always do?
      The final game in the regional tournament is Akanegaoka Vs Kokuryou. This time, Akanegaoka is determined to win the game and strecth to the national tournament. Kyosuke also wants to challenges Kamiyama again and beat him in a duel. Can Akanegaoka beat Kokuryou this time and have their revenge?.
    • Bring it on Sergeant Chin!
      The game between Akanegaoka and Kokuryou continue.
    • I made it , brother!
      Finally Akanegaoka has reach his goal: Beat Kokuryou and advance to the national tournament. The whole team go to Tokyo where the national tournament is. The first game is between Akanegaoka and the champions, Tenryu, the same highschool where Seisuke played. The mind of the team is Kagami. Can Akanegaoka beat the champions Tenryu?.moreless
    • I don' t fell excited at all!
      The first game of the national tournament finally begins. But Akanegaoka is having a bad time against the offensive of Tenryu. With tree goals against Akanegaoka, the whole team loses their motivation and will. With this situation, Can the whole team of Akanegaoka recover their strength and enough courage to play like they always do?.moreless
    • Kanou Kyosuke... i won' t forgive you!
      The 2nd time of the game begins, and now with motivation and courage, Akanegaoka has improved their strategy and tactics and they are playing better. Wil this tactic worth and win the game?.
    • It can' t be... Kanou' s the captain?!
      Sako, Kamata and the rest of the 3rd year student are finally graduating and with this, they are leaving the soccer team of Akanegaoka. With their absence, Esaka and Ichikawa becomes the new captains of the team. Now a new year is beggining and Akanegaoka has now a new goal: Defeat Tenryu.moreless
    • You' re ten years too early... bird nest head!
      Tree new students joins the team of Akanegaoka. Kiba, a forward, Shinkawa a midforward player and Muroi a defender. These tree students challebge the team of Akanegaoka to a game to decide the new main players, just like Kyosuke did in the past. But they also has another, Kiba wants to take Kyosuke' position of the team. Can he do that?.moreless
    • Why did this have to Happen to Kyosuke too!?
      As the interhigh tournament is nearing, Akanegaoka is having a game against Tenjin highschool. During this game, thanks to Kyosuke, Akanegaoka is winning, but Tenjin' defenders attack Kyosuke and this cause that he get injured.
    • What are you doing, guys!?
      Kyosuke is on the hospital because of his injury in his leg. he can' t play soccer for at least 3 months, and Miki is helping him with the class. Meanwhile, the interhigh tournament has finally begins and Akanegaoka is playing against Fujikawa highschool. But without Kyosuke, Kiba, Shinkawa ans Muroi become main players of the team, but can they do it well during the game?.moreless
    • Isn' t anyone else coming?!
      Seisuke goes to the hospital to visit Kyosuke aqnd talk to him about his injury and remember old times together. Meanwhile, Kiba, Muroi and Shinkawa train with Murakami, Rodrigo and Sakai, so they can improved their game style and they can do it better in the next game.
    • Captain Esaka?
      Captain Esaka?
      Episode 38
      Esaka goes to see Sako in his college to ask him some advices about his position as the new captain of Akanegaoka.
    • Eat and run woman! How long are you going to sleep?
      After a year of training with the new coach, the female soccer team of Akanegaoka is playing in the interhigh tournament. This time, they are going to play against Himenokawa highschool again, but in this ocassion, the things are different. Can Miki lead the team in the game and win?.
    • I was finally able to come back
      Finally Kyosuke recovers from his injury and he is back to Akanegaoka.
    • T-twelves goals?!
      T-twelves goals?!
      Episode 41
      Now that Kyosuke is fully recovered, he joins once again to Akanegaoka. The regional tournament begins once again, and to prove that Kyosuke is fully recovered he, with the assist of his teammates, beats Tenjin, Fujikawa and Kokuryou in the firsts rounds of the tournament. Kyosuke ignores that his goal score could break the record of the tournamentmoreless
    • Who is that, Sergeant chin?
      Kyosuke remembers his past. After meeting Kamata, Kyosuke sees his father in Kenta' s school and remembers part of his past with his dad.
    • Can you give me a little time to think?
      After winning the game against Ryosei in the tournament' semifinals, Rodrigo is called by the hunters talents and offer him the chance to play in the J-league. This offer is the main reason of Rodrigo when he came to Japan, but if he accepts he has to leave Akanegaoka. The tournament finals is in a couple of days and Rodrigo has to take a decision. What will Rodrigo do? Will he leave Akanegaoka?.moreless
    • Father i' m ok now
      Father i' m ok now
      Episode 44
      As The tournament finals begins, Sakai' s father is leaving to London and he' s taking Sakai with him. Sakai must choose between his father and Akanegaoka. Will he leave with his father? or will he stay in Akanegaoka?.
    • Come bring it!
      Come bring it!
      Episode 45
      Kyosuke' s friends fight with a couple of guys that are planning to fight Kyosuke and hurt him.
    • Itemea soccer?
      Itemea soccer?
      Episode 46
      The national tournament finally has come, and Akanegaoka is playing against Kamigata highschool. Most of Kamigata' s members are former teammates of Esaka and their game style is the itemea soccer, a tough game style. Can Akanegaoka win the game?.
    • Where do you plan on taking me?
      Akanegaoka has made it to the quarter finals in the national tournament. In their day off, Kyosuke takes Miki on a "date" to meet his father in his business.
    • You think i' m just gonna laze around here!
      In the quarter finals of the tournament, Akanegaoka is playing against their brother school Asahigaoka. If Akanegaoka wins the game, they' ll play against Tenryu once again. Can Akanegaoka win the game to play against Tenryu?.
    • Can't you stay just a little while longer? Murakami!
      After winning the game against Asahigaoka, Kyosuke set off to the hospital because his father had a heart attack. There in the hospital, Kyosuke' s father tells Kyosuke the true about his past and his real parents.
    • I've been waiting for you, Kanou Kyosuke!
      The national tournament' semifinals finally begins,and Akanegaoka is playing once again against Tenryu. Kyosuke is determined to beat Kagami this time in a duel, but after the first goal of Kyosuke, Tenryu' strategy change and Akanegaoka is having troubles. With this new strategy, Can Akanegaoka chiange the results in the second time?.moreless
      The second time begins and Akanegaoka is determined to win the game. After beating the pressure, Akanegaoka plays with their spirit until the end. Can they win the game?.
    • Come back soon, Kanou Kyosuke!
      Kyosuke is playing in the sub 22 japanese team, along with Kamiyama, Kagami and the Fujimori brothers in a game against Cameroon. After a while, Kyosuke is offered to play in Amsterdam, the best soccer team in Holland. After he talks with Miki, Kyosuke decides to leave Akanegaoka, and with the support of his teammates, Kyosuke set off to Holland, hoping to improved his game style.moreless