Hungry Heart - Wild Striker

Fuji Television (ended 2003)





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  • One of the best anime everrrrrrrrrr

    It's too good to be true..........Everything is soooo real............I found a passion for football after this one(didn't last long though:P)...........I suggest you guys watch it..........It's not like you'll come across a good anime like this every time.......The main character kyosuke is a budding player who finds out that he likes soccer more than everything else...........Living with his step family and fueled with the genes of his legendary father he is all set to go on to be come the no 1 soccer player in the world..............He joins orange star and plays for them..........He soon makes friends and paves the path for their teams success
  • the animation in this is this series is mind blowing.

    this is a good show as the story is very ineresting because the story is he and his brother use to love soccer and by the way his name s kanou kyasuki and his big brother is kanou suzuki. they use to love soccer when they were young and then they when they grew up suzuki became a pro soccer player for italys ac milan, but his brother was just a high school student when kyasuki was in jr high he was getting compared to his big brother, so he didnt like t he got so humiliated that he punched the referee then he gave up soccer,but in high school he broken a traffic signal with a soccer ball, a girl from his school saw it , she was in the womens soccer team and the team was the cheapest in the whole of japan she thought he could teach her team soccer,bt kyasuki did not agree so she black maled him that if he would not coach the team shewoud complain about that he had broken the traffic signal to the police so he comes when e was coaching the girls soccer team when the boys teams manager would ask him to join the boys soccer teambut refuse and say he doesnt play football anymore but he realizes the times of how hard they worked to play soccer so he goes to the boys soccer team and then works hard but isnt a starter there were two more players who were good but werent starter thier names were sakai he is handsome and a very awesome goalkeeperand the other guy was from brazil his name is rodrego ad he was a good midfeilder these three challenge the starter members of the team they had a challenge that if any team wonthe opponent has to run 100 laps around and lose they go a 100 laps everyody is tired in 30 laps whil the 3 of them run a 100 laps. i will tell you the rest in another 2 or 3 days.thank you for reading.