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  • spinoff

    The BBC has passed on a second season of Hunted, but Cinemax, which co-produced the series with the British network, will try to keep it going in some form. The name and format of the spy series belongs to the BBC, so the "second season" would actually be renamed and changed enough for Cinemax to avoid legal action, but the show would still follow the sexy protagonist Sam Hunter. Creator Frank Spotnitz would stay on board to continue the story.
  • Great show!


  • Better than hoped!

    Good script, a lot of suspense, great photography. Still has got much to give. Hope it'll be renewed it someday...
  • what status the show is on ?

    its been almost a year did they cancel this show or not?
  • Fantastic show

    I just found out about this show the other day and had to check it out. It was definitely fantastic.

    Great story, good acting, lots of action and lots of twists and suspense.

    Let's just hope it gets another season but if not, the first season ended quite well.
  • Excellent

    Great intrigue, excellent acting with likeable and deplorable characters with depth. I love that the season had an ending, rather than the dragging viewers along as long as possible until cancellation with no conclusion. I really hope for this series to return.
  • very entertaining

    Loopholes and "conveniences", but its a great entertaining conspiracy series all around
  • A clever title goes here!

    From the first episode I suspected that the baby was still alive, for 2 simple reasons. You never heard/saw that the children was killed and she only started 1 year after the incident to get back into shape. But I know when her boss said "I know Sam, I know".

    I liked the series, would have loved more, but I am also kind of glad that they did not end it in a huge cliffhanger. It was definitely one of my favorite shows this year.
  • @ MartinWaring

    I think byzantium faked her death on doctor's orders.. and that was her baby she kept safe at her mother's house... Damn I am blown away.. This could be the ending because apparently BBC aren't going to renew it for the 2nd season.. Cinemax has since announced that they are working with Frank Spotnitz to reboot the show.. I hope they come back with 2nd season
  • Hope it's not cancelled.!!

    Just to many darn questions left for it to be cancelled, if the rumors are correct. Great show & sure kept me on the edge of my seat.!!
  • Hunting for answers

    Just watched the last show and still don't know what the hell is going on. Was that her baby? Was the assassination on the bridge rigged by Deacon to save her or did she know that was coming, wore a bulletproof vest and just pretended to be shot? Who betrayed her in Tangiers?

    Great show though. I can feel my heart racing as I watch it. Much more edgy than Homeland and completely addictive. Just wish I understood what's just happened.
  • Hunted cancelled?

    Just read on that Hunted has been cancelled after Melissa Georges rant on Aussie TV?

    Can anyone else confirm this?

    If so, I wonder wether they will finish off the story?

    sPy from Oz
  • Spooks meets Alias.

    I can't decide if Byzantium is a white hat, a black hat or just a choose your shade if the money is right hat. The lead character Sam must have stock in a makeup company to keep all the bruises she has to have from all the fighting covered up.
  • Tough chick...

    Entertaining show. Sam is far too little to beat all those guys up, though. Shoot 'em? OK. Hand-to-hand combat? Not so much.....

    Has significant early parallels to Alibi and Nikita - Is Byzantium the good 'SPECTRE'?

    Her rehab in Scotland reminded me of the training at the start of the movie 'Hanna'.

    We have a plethora of very tough chicks on screens big and small these days - Annie Walker on Covert Affairs, anyone?

    Hope it doesn't drown itself in excess complexity......
  • premier date wrong?

    it premiered on oct 4, and there already 3 episode aired. Why is here saying the first episode is on 19 oct??
  • Excellent spy/action show.Guys watch this getting better and better.

    The pilot was great.I like spy/action shows.The screen play is very strong.This could be another Nikita.Melissa george is very well suited for this spy character.

    Btw,I like her mouth its very sexy and she looks good in pony tail.

  • First Episode: Has a great potential

    Just finished watching the first episode. Doesn't look like too many people on are watching this. I would definitely recommend this show for those who like spy / action flicks. This looks like a show with a good story potential. It is kind of a mix between "Burn Notice", "Salt", "La femme Nikita" and "Nanny". The main heroine is a bad-ass with a mysterious past and a mystery to solve. The bad guys are not very well defined yet but a couple of glimpses that are shown to viewers are intriguing. These do not look like run-of-the-mill terrorists. They are more like James Bond-esque villains.

    I had fun watching and will definitely tune-in for the second episode.