Season 2 Episode 1

Case X

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 1985 on NBC

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  • Hunter & Mccall investigate recent murders of women who are doing porn. Mccall goes undercover at a modeling agency to find the culprit.

    This was the season opener for Season 2 and it's my favorite episode of the season. First of all, the new captain is Captain Wyler(Bruce Davison) & their new contact is Carlos, a guy who works at the morgue. Hunter and Mccall are tracking down the murders of 2 women. They talk to their morgue contact Carlos and find out they were both wearing full body makeup. Tony Cochran(Leo Rossi) is working for a modeling agency that is a front for his pornography ring. Hunter goes to talk to the owner of the agency, Andrea Burden. She denies knowing the dead girls. Hunter hears a phones conversation with Andrea asking for Tony. He pulls his record and finds alot of arrest for porn. He got off on each arrest. Tony tries to implicate his brother Vinny. Vinny finds out about Tony's killing the girls. Tony kills Vinny and leaves a call to the police that Vinny did it. Hunter and Mccall dismiss him as the killer because his hands are too small. The bruises on the women are much larger. Mccall goes undercover to find some evidence. She joins an exercise club and looks nice doing aerobics in a purple and black leotard. She meets Andrea in the steam room and she sets her up with Tony. She meets him at a party and set up a photoshoot. The next scene is so smoking hot it's hard to describe it. Mccall is doing a photoshoot in a light blue nightie. She's wearing blue gloves, stockings & high heels with a pink ruffle. She starts out posing by a counter. Then she sits down on a chair and starts showing off the best pair of legs I have ever seen. The scene lasts for a glorious 1 minute and 19 seconds. She really knows how to work her hands going up and down her leg. She also has great eyes and her makeup really makes her look hot. Now back to the story. Mcall goes back to the studio the next day for another shoot. Tony catches her with evidence in her hand. He takes her hostage to his beach house and is going to film himself killing her. Hunter busts in just in time to save the day. Great episode with a great bad guy in Leo Rossi and Mcall sexiest scene of the series make this a must watch. Stephanie Kramer is so beautiful, I just love watching her and her eyes, legs and her body in this scene. No surpirse it's my favorite scene of the series. All episodes from season 1 & 2 are great. The series went downhill after the next few seasons.