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  • Too much already.

    Ah give it a rest will ya? Hunter and McCall constantly getting picked on by a moron and a Captain with a personal problem. Got old real quick.
  • The Dirty Harry of the small screen.

    A good cop partner show with a touch of Dirty Harry and the partners were opposite sex. Hunter was tough and got the job done even though it was not always by the rules. His
    female partner McCall was sharp,sexy, and a good charcter to play oppsite the Hunter character. The chemistry between
    the two was awesome and not sexual and they were there for each other like family. The partners did there job and there lives intertwined as one. It seemed fans cared for these characters as much as they cared for each other.

    As Hunter would say "WORKS FOR ME"
  • This was another great cop show of the 80's

    I don't remember much of Fred Dryer's NFL career, but I must say he did well switching over to acting. I think the writing on this show was great too, how could it not be with some of the story lines and situations that they got into. MCall in her little red car, and huner in his big green clunker, meeting somewere that almost always leads into a gun fight of some sort. It was the main cliche' of the 80's but it worked. That was a good duo, and the show was really exciting and action packed. I enjoyed watching this show.
  • This was the all time best cop show made.

    My favorite cop show of the 80s was HUNTER. Fred Dryer was awesome as Rick Hunter, a shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later Dirty Harry-type, which is actually what the show started out as, but the character was toned down a little afterwards. Stephanie Kramer, as D.D. McCall, was the best of his three female partners, as was Charles Hallahan as the third of three different captains. It was like a small-screen action movie, with plenty of car chases and gun fights. Dryer and Kramer had great chemistry, which especially came across in the episodes featuring personal stories for the two, such as the first season two-parter in which Hunter defies orders and goes to Mexico to look for a guy who had attacked McCall and hid behind his diplomatic immunity. It was an episode that allowed Hunter to display the depth of his friendship to McCall and showed just how much the characters cared for one another. I don't remember too much about the later years (in which Hunter went through two new partners), but I recall a lot of the earlier ones, with many standout episodes. I would definitely love to have this great series on DVD.
  • “Works for me!” The day-to-day adventures of two hard-bitten L.A. cops.

    Detective Sgts. Rick Hunter and Dee Dee McCall patrol the streets of L.A. It’s a tough job, but they never give up. Possessed of a witty edge and film noir sensibilities, this show had a wickedly clever mind, while never shying away from the rough side of the story. It was gritty and looked it. Bad neighborhoods looked bad and nasty people were nasty. Yet despite all the darkness around them, the heroes never gave in to temptation; they always stood up for the law and worked to protect people.

    Laden with film-style excitement, classic scenes from shootouts to chases, ‘Hunter’ dealt with genre themes but was never dull or routine. The writing put you in mind of a good potboiler and the acting was thoroughly believable. There are taglines I can recite to this day.

    In an era known for crime shows, this was one of the best. Worth watching now as ever.
  • all the good shows gone

    As I sit here typing this, I am thinking of all the great cop shows. Hunter, TJ Hooker, SWAT, Hill Street Blues, Cop Rocks, NYPD Blue, 3rd Watch, and I sit here and wonder. Why? Almost every good cop show isnt on anymore, and I just wish they would bring something back.
  • I really thought that there should of been a "follow-up" series to Hunter. Things were never the same after everything turned around.

    Bring It Back. Hunter is better than all the shows on Tv. now days. We need it back. That on- screen chemistrey between Rick and DeeDee was bust what Tv. needed then and now.It was filled with so so much action and adventure. I loved how it was so real.
  • Hunter Rules!

    Hunter had all the things that you need in a great cop show. It has action, suspence drama car chases. You really feel like you are in the action. You couldn\'t ask for better chemestry between the main characters. Hunter was a head of it\'s time, much like hill street blues was in the late 70\'s, hunter was in the mid 80\'s. It made cop shows fun to watch again.
  • Hunter and DeeDee had great chemistry (as everyone seems to agree), bringing LA thugs to justice before Colors and all the late 80s, LA gangs hype, but adapting as well as could be expected to the times, given the limitations of broadcast TV.

    Fred Dryer was as natural a TV cop as anyone before or since. He was cool, he was tough, he craved justice at any cost, and could be sensitive when the situation called for it.
    DeeDee was the perfect side-kick, ever supportive, never intentianlly overshadowing the star, but strong enough a characteer in her own right to keep the feminists from whining (tho many did anyway).
    The sexual tension was mostly implied, a big accomplishment in the sexual-tension-happy 80s, that followed the innuendo-laden 70s and the why-don't-we-do-it-in-the-(fill-in-the-blank) 90s, only surfacing when it was apropos to the story.
    Though much of the action and many of the story lines were just rehashed out of 70s Belisarius productions (Rockford Files, Magnum, P.I.), the freshness and spirit of Rick and Dee Dee's characters made this crime/drama memorable. Sporty James injected new blood into the shady informant cliche, and Capt. Devane was a welcome, likable change from the pain-in-the-butt egomaniac superiors of earlier seasons.
    Though dated when viewed in reruns, this is the last crime/drama i ever watched during which i cheered for the "good guys".
  • Works for me!!!! Positively the best show of te 80's.

    This was the best cop show around at the time.
    The chemistry between Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer only added to the great storylines. It may seem kind of dated now, but I just LOVED it.
    It took a turn downwards when Kramer left, and I know they tried to resurrect it a few years back with the original cast. Shame it didn't last long
  • it was one of the best shows on Tv at that time. a shame they killed it.there isnt anything good on tv anymore. please NBC,bring Hunter wont regret it.....thank you!!!

    it was one of the best shows on Tv at that time. a shame they killed it.i wish it was still on tv. they can take all of the stupid reallity shows and put them to rest.there isnt anything good on tv anymore. please NBC,bring Hunter wont regret it.....thank you!!!
  • Nothing was better in its time.

    Hunter was such an awesome show. I loved Stefanie and Rick working together. They always had each others backs. They were able to know what the other was thinking always when it was needed. The crimes were great for back then. They showed that the police don't always win nor do the bad guys. It showed how sometimes people who appear to be bad can turn around to help the police. The show surely declined when Stefanie left the show. The 2 worked so well together. I would love to see the show come back with its original cast. It was a classic.
  • What happened to great cop shows like this?

    Great show,great acting and writing especially the first 4-5 years.Fred Dryer went from pro football star to great actor seamlessly.The relationship between McCall and Hunter is unrivaled.The show took on many different emotional outlets,and in the early years the show provided plenty of car chases,explosions and fighting sequences.In the immortal words of Sgt. Rick Hunter "It Works for me"
  • I love this show so much. Stepfanie Kramer and Fred Dryer have perfect chemistry. My personal favorite character is DeeDee McCall. She was the coolest t.v character. Next to Law and Order,this show was more facinating and addicting. It pulls viewers into

    I love this show so much. Stepfanie Kramer and Fred Dryer have perfect chemistry. My personal favorite character is DeeDee McCall. She was the coolest t.v character. Next to Law and Order,this show was more facinating and addicting. It pulls viewers into a new world,and it has great storylines always.