Season 2 Episode 4

Rich Girl

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 1985 on NBC

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  • Rich Girl Now Very Poor Later

    This is one of my favorite "Hunter" episodes.I liked the beginning,it looked liked it was going to be a who done it episode,but I was wrong.Within a half hour we would know who perpetrators were,and was'nt.The young wife a the elderly billionaire becomes the prime suspect in the attempted murder of her husband.She is tried,but become of circumstancial evidence the case against her is dismissed.Cleared though she may be,she is socially ostarsized.She is then murdered by a mysterious man.He picks her up,and tosses her off the balcony of a Highrise.This chances everything in the investigation.Now Hunter,and McCall focuses their investigation on the the rich man's daughter.She is the perp who planned the whole plot against her father,and step mother.She wanted all of her Fathers Millions.Her plans hits a snag:her hired killer wants more than pittle amount of money that she deposited.He wants her,and the millions.She is not interested in him.He not listening,and becomes aggressive towards her.Enter Hunter,and McCall who both suspected the daughter,and plans to get evidence against her.I like the surprises,and especially the one near the end where justice comes not in the usual Hunter way.
  • "Rich Girl" provides moments of drama, humor and intrigue without relying on shootouts or car chases for thrills. An excellent episode of "Hunter." All true fans should watch it again.

    "Rich Girl" was an excellent episode. Hunter and McCall investigated the attempted murder of an elderly man who was worth $100 million. They navigated their way through the twists and turns of the case. And they came up with quite a clever solution at the end when it seemed that the case was falling apart.

    Hunter was hilarious in an undercover role as a two-bit scam artist pretending to be a professional basketball player. As he ordered a tall soda water with lime and plenty of ice, the waiter asked if he needed anything else. He simply said, "A glass." I don't know how smart it was for him to go undercover, though. At the beginning of the episode, he attended a trial related to the investigation as himself. As a result, people involved in the case kept recognizing him, including the main suspect herself!

    Hunter and McCall worked out a nifty plan when it appeared the suspect might get away with murder. The final scene focused completely on Cynthia Flagg. At first, I thought this would be a standard whodunnit episode. As the story progressed, it turned into a look at the sorry life of Cynthia Flagg. She was a pathetic character despite all of her family wealth. I was pleasantly surprised with this episode.

    This was quite a good dramatic story. It worked even without large-scale gun battles and car chases. A must-see episode for "Hunter" fans!