Season 1 Episode 3

The Hot Grounder

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 1984 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Hunter and McCall are sitting in a local restaurant after doing an investigation at the commissioner's house (For point of reference, this occurred at 16m 45s - 17m into the episode). Hunter has the commissioner's dearly departed wife's purse with him. A thief walks into the restaurant and eyes Hunter. When Hunter slings the purse over his shoulder, the thief runs in, grabs the purse from Hunter and flees. That starts an action scene where the duo runs out of the restaurant to apprehend the thief. Right before they flee the restaurant, McCall jumps up on a table. She is wearing black sneakers when she jumps up on the table, but she takes her shoes off before she runs out the door of the restaurant. When Hunter meets her after she has caught the thief, he hands her a pair of high heels.

  • Quotes

    • (after good cop/bad cop failed)
      Hunter: I don't think you scared him. Want to trade?
      McCall: I'm not through yet.

    • Hunter: He once killed a guy collecting a hundred-dollar loan. He's not going to be easy to talk to. He lacks of cooperative spirit.
      McCall: How about a little good cop/bad cop? I can be the bad cop.
      Hunter: I've had five partners. Everytime we played good cop/bad cop, I was the bad cop. That's sort of my thing. I do a great bad cop.
      McCall: You mean you used to do a great bad cop. This time you're going to do the good cop.
      Hunter: The hell I am.
      McCall: The hell you aren't!

    • Hunter: Do you have any idea why the commissioner parked his car behind his wife's when he could have just as easily put it in the garage?
      Lance Lane (upset): What is this?
      Hunter: This is a homicide investigation, Lance. Sometimes we ask a lot of tiresome questions.

    • Police Officer: It's too bad you got this grounder. No win, huh?
      Hunter: I was getting tired of police work anyway. Gotta get a fishing boat and move to Florida. Pick up girls.

    • (Hunter and McCall dining at a small cafe)
      McCall: I guess the sexual revolution hasn't made it to that table over there.
      Man at next table: Like your purse there, big fella. (smirking at Hunter)

    • Hunter: McCall (knocks on ladies' room door), we got it. You can come out now girls. It's safe
      (Long line of women parade out of the ladies' room)
      McCall: Why didn't you hide, Hunter?
      Hunter: I was in the men's room. What did you want me to do? Climb up in a vent? I'm too big.
      Ortega: Hey Hunter, can I have your desk and your locker? (laughter)

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