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Gon Freecs is a young boy who wants to be a Hunter. There are various types of Hunters in his world, and being a Hunter gives one certain privileges. Before you can become a Hunter you have to pass a test. Gon seems well on his way to passing this test as he's a very bright lad who is able to communicate with animals. Apparently his father, long believed to be dead, is still alive and was once one of the greatest Hunters in existence. Gon believes he will be able to meet his father once he becomes a Hunter himself.
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  • If i wanted to watch Naruto and DBZs bastard child i would watch Bleach.

    The show is poorly writen and seems to carry a ton of anime tropes. It shocks me that the artist of yu yu hakusho worked on this because that was well done. Hunter x Hunter was not. Hunter is the reason Japanese people think anime fans are crazy. It over glorifies shota sexuality. There is a guy who gets off on them fighting. Let me point out the main characters are children. They also Use magic as part of their fighting. I wonder how many animes have done that. I have seen better story telling in a fan service magical girl gave this a chance for my friend. I feel i wasted hours of my day. My friend loves it however she hates classic anime that have engaging stories. The exception being Inuyasha and Full Metal Alchemist. Which she stopped i dont know maybe she has given up on animes that bring you back. Sailor moon, DBZ, FMA, Pokemon, Cowboy bebop, big O, lupin the third, Death note, saint seiya, and the list can keep going is a rip on a to me ant if you want to watch ten episodes of test watch Naruto not this.moreless
  • It didn't show any hunting!!!

    Is this show there were no actual hunting, it showed bodyguarding and researching. A matter of fact it had nothing to do with hunting. It should have been called THE ADVENTURES OF GON or GON AND FRIENDS. Next time if you make an anime about a job, atleast show the job being done. I loved the show but found that no hunters actually hunting in the show was disappointment. If you want to see an anime about actual hunting, watch Toriko!moreless
  • This is a great anime! It is extremely addicting, and has made it onto my top 10 list! And best of all, its made by the same person who created Yu Yu Hakusho!moreless

    Hunter X Hunter, is about a young boy named Gon, who lives with his aunt in a relatively rural forest/swamp type area. He never knew his father or mother, however his father or mother, who is apparently no longer alive. However his father is a hunter, which is an honarary title given to those with the license of a hunter (most people will do anything to get it; and you must pass rigerous tests in order to do so), and is alive, but never bothered to come home to his son Gon. For this reason, Gon's aunt seems to despise him, however Gon is very eager to meet him. The story starts off when he is 12, and he asks his aunt to allow him to go take the hunter exams (since the minimal age requirement for doing so is 12). She is reluctant at first, because she is worries about his safety, since she knows that many people die within the brutal exams. However, she soon realizes that she will never be able to talk Gon out of it, and finally decides to let him go (to her, he is like a son, and to him, she is like his mother, because that's the sort of relationship that they had since Gon never grew up with his real mother; so, they care a great deal for each other). After starting his journey, Gon meets many people, including 3 main friends which he makes, each taking the hunter exams for their own reasons. The story is basically about the adventures which Gon and his friens encounter through their travels. I won't summarize past this, since I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

    Now that the summarry is done with, here is my actual review:

    HXH, is a very original and unique anime (mainly because of its original and unique characters). It is great, its addicting, and IMO, it is very underappreciated. Now, this is by the same author who made Yu Yu Hakusho (which IMO, is the best fighting series of all time). While it doesn't live up to being as good as his previous work, Togashi (the author) does great work, as is expected for anyone who has ever read or watched YYH. The animation of HXH, may be a little bit outdated, but it is still very well drawn, and well defined (although the artwork of the original manga has been suffering for awhile, in that it is very poorly drawn after a certain point, due to Togashi falling extremely ill). The series has plenty of comedy, action, and emotion within it, and is very exciting to watch. The first 5 episodes of it are kind of slow, but it picks up after episode 5. My only real problem with this series, is that due to Togashi's illness, he had to stop making the manga up until now (it has still gone uncontinued) so the anime, which ran out of material, had to end. But still, this series is highly entertaining, and keeps you guessing, and thinking, about the great characters and plot, which is why I give this anime a 9.5/10, even though it leaves you with the story feeling incomplete (which just ticks me off, and really bothers me). Other than that, it is deffinitely a show worth watchin for any people who love anime! Especially addicting shounen anime!moreless
  • Very Promising

    This is a very unique series and I'm watching it now. So far so good, I like the whole test to get your hunter license and become a hunter. And good thing is you don't get that in a couple of episodes you get a long progression of character development and detail story each episode. And when they complete or fail the writers make you feel their joy, struggles and pain. Each character is unique I like how they make them important, I'm glad that I took the time to watch this serious it's been fun watching. This is not a for sure rating because I haven't looked at a good amount of episodes yet not even half way through just shy of it.moreless
  • It stars Kurapica the last surving girl from a clan of scarlet eyes, Killia the young heir to a famous family of assassins, and Leorio the oldest of the group who wants to be a doctor. They enter a exam to get special status. warming full of spoilersmoreless

    If they pass the hunter exam they get a license which gives them free rome of the world and can allow them to attend college for free.

    the only catch is if you survive the exam which only 1 out of 1000 pass usually every year.

    Kurapica entered it so that she could become a bounty hunter and obtain info on the people who murdered her clan.

    Killia joined just so that he could try and escape his family and have freedom. Leorio entered so that he'd get a free ride to college of course. Leorio started out on a ship heading for the exams with Kurapica. They were unfriendly towards eachother but after a storm knocked one of the ships crew off the boat they worked together to rescue him. after that there was a hike through the mountains where they showed off their skills to examiners so they could qualify. Kurapica's excelent hearing and Leorio's medical abilities and both of their keen eyes. After this they arrived to the exam starting point.

    There were many tasks to get to the final exam. The first was a dash through a dark tunnel where if they got lost it was the end for them. They met Killia then and they got irritated cause he was usinga skateboard while they had to run. Leorio got tired and had to rest. This was when one of the people in the exam tries to kill him by taking down a tunnel full of halucigen sap. Killia and Kurapica notice somethings wrong and go back for him. They find Leorio but he's gone crazy. Kurapica also succumbs to the effects of the sap and starts to see his clan murdered causing his eyes to turn scarlet. Killia realizes whats going on and carrys them down the tunnel and blows up the wall using explosives he brought. After that he carry's them out back to the path where everyone else is on his skateboard. After this they start to get along and stop acting on their own. The second part was still more running but this time through a monster infested swamp. after this only about 400 out of the 1000 were left. This is when they run into Hisoka who is killing off the people the monsters miss. He challenges Kurapica Leorio and some random archer to a fight. They all realize its impossible to beat Hisoka since he uses a deck of playing cards thatcan cut through metal. They each run and Killia hears them in trouble but can't do anything to help so he keeps on going. Hisoka can tell that kurapica and Leorio have good potential after the decide not to run from Hisoka so he lets them live. Then after that they had to learn hot to make sushi as some hunters are cooks and they travel the world finding the most tasty items for their recipies. After the head judge tells the examiner off cause she failed them all they redo the task this time getting rare bird eggs from the side of a cliff. After this only about 200 are left as the rest fell. Then after this they ride on a blimp to the next event after a 4 day break period where they are completly safe from harm. If anyone attacks another they are immediatly disqualified. Leorio Kurapica and Killia use this chance to rest up. But an unwanted guest snuck on the blimp before it took off. It was a girl who as out for revenge as she thought Killia had murdered her father. He almost kills her but is stopped by the judge. They arrest her since she already lost and tell Killia that she will recieve punishment later. She had dropped one of her earrings in the struggle so he decided to return it. After he does he sorta feels sorry for her. The Judge makes him an offer that if he can get a dodge ball from him then she's free to go and he gets his license without having to finish the exam. Reluctant to give up to this challenge he takes him up on his offer. He starts out pretty good and shows off his vanishing technique but the judge is far stronger than him and killia eventualy starts to revert to kill mode due to fatigue. Killia gives up after he notices he might of tried to kill if he'd gone any further. he judge lets her go free after she finds out that her father was a drug dealer and it could of been anyone in Killia's family who had killed him. This is when we find out that he has 4 older brothers. But you only meet 2 later in the series. After many more events which lead to only 40 people being left they end it with I believe 9 qualifying. They manage to get to the final part of the exam but there is one problem. They have to win at least 1 fight without killing their opponent but the opponent can refuse to give up therefore making it impossible to win. Kurapica runs into the strange illusionist Hisoka again in the finals and ends up fighting him. Hisoka is the strongest out of all the people there and could easily kill everyone if he wanted to. Hisoka see's potential in Kurapica so he lets him win. In exchange for his assistance in a matter later in the series that involves the spider organization who were the ones responsible for the deaths of everyone in kurapica's clan. Hisoka claims that he's a member and wants kurapica to meet him later after they are both hunters and kurapica has improved.

    Next up is killia's fight he lets his first opponent win thinking that he can just win the next fight.

    but what he didn't know is that he'd be fighting his oldest brother who was disguised and is strongest next to hisoka.

    His brother easily gets killia to resign since he'd murder his friends if he didn't go home quietly. His family wants him to become the strongest assassin and is constantly training him beating him ect. He doesn't want to be an assassin so he left but had to stab his mother and brother to leave. after he resigns his fight he is forced to go back to his home but before he leaves he kills Leorio''s opponent so that Leorio can get his license. Since Leorio could of never won his fight cause he's to gentle and lacks a cut throat attitude. Shocked by Killia's actions Kurapica and Leorio plead with the judge to allow Killia to pass but heir plea's fall on death ears.

    So instead they use the licenses to go to killias house to get him back. thus ending the first arc. This show is sometimes compared to Naruto but thats just cause they both have characters who are both emo.

    HunterXHunter is a very confused show and they make mistakes since the show is over 10 years old. :P In one part they said that Killia had only brothers no sister. But She was in the show and later tries to kill him. One of the main characters only comes in the first season and is gone foe the next couple of years since he has to go to medical school. which bumps him to minor character in my opinion since he can no longer affect the plot and its prettymuch as if he's dead. Then there's the main character who is a girl in my opinion since she has never removed her shirt wears lots of girl clothing earring and makup and is extremly embarressed when she saw leorio naked. It goes off and on on tv but it never finished its series past the second arc. They decided to make the 3rd arc in 2 seperate ova's which are extremly hard to find and they cut out the other 2 characters.

    I didn't enter one of the main characters in for the reason that he's pointless. Gon's goal was to find his father. He can do that and they don't need to extend the story for him. He must be a genious since he passed a quiz about cards he never got before and described exactly how to get them. Now he can go and get a magical card that will teleport him to his father. Thats it right ? goal accomplished woohoo. He's a male mary sue. His existance is pointless.

    Kurapica is the main character. Kurapica still has to defeat the Spider organization but with them knowing her weakness she'll never beat them as long as they play keep away. She can't kill anyone but them and someone can just attack her and get hit on purpose leathally and die there problem solvedmoreless