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Season 1 Episode 38

Burn x Idea x Nen

Aired Unknown Sep 09, 2000 on Fuji Television
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Episode Summary

Burn x Idea x Nen
Killua and Gon progress through the 150th floor up to the 200th floor. There, they meet a bemused Hisoka blocking their path with a malevolent forcefield. Unable to continue, they find Zooci and his kind martial arts instructor Wing for supplemental training.

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  • The Power of NEN

    Great episode Gon and Killua went to see Zushi to ask about Ren but his master cut him off and said he'll teach them. But what he ended up teaching them wasn't actually the correct way. As they were going up to the 200th floor they sensed NEN and turns out that Hisoka was using that all along. Zushi master got them out of there and agreed to teach them NEN before midnight if they can learn it in time.moreless
  • The introduction to nen..

    The episode starts with gon and Killua asking Zushi about "Ren". Zushi starts explaining but Gn and Killua have no idea what he's talking about.

    Wing overhears and tells Gon and Killua he will teach them about nen. However he lies to them in fear that they will mis-use nen.

    Within a week gon and Killua reach the 200th floor, to which they can't move through the hallway because of non other than hisoka's nen. Killua needs to sign up for the 200th floor by midnight otherwise he can never fight on the tower again.

    Wing comes to Gon and Killua and claims he will truly teach them about nen, but Killua has only 3 hours to sign up!

    A good introduction to nen overall.moreless
  • What about that last test Satotsu almost spilled the beans on?

    Whew! This episode is an intense one, filled both with information and a reappearance of everyone's favorite clown. Gon and Killua never have been the type to sit back and wonder; their approach on Zooci about Ren opened the door into the world of Nen, the aura that surrounds a living body. Though the information is given twice and can be difficult to grasp, the potential for new achievements excites the viewer and invites them to return to see just what will happen next.

    Hisoka's presence is even more puzzling. Why did he follow the boys? Why aren't they ready for the 200th floor? Will Killua make it back in time to register on the 200th floor or are his Heavens Arena days done? Just what does the next episode have in store? I give this episode a 9.3/10.moreless

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    • Gon: (Referring to Hisoka)What are you doing here?!
      Hisoka: (laughs)What am I doing here? Is that really all you have to say to me? To tell you the truth, I came here because the cards told me to.

    • Wing: Don't persist anymore. Just how you are now, you don't have any possibility to withstand his Nen. This is like a snowy place, and you are both naked, but you don't know why you're so cold. If you continue increasing your body's burden, you will die.
      Killua: This really is Nen. He didn't want us to pass. But he has a strong murderous energy.
      Wing: I will tell you of the real Nen, so let's get out of here.

    • Hisoka: I'm a constant guest of this place. And rising to the 200th floor is not something of these one or two days. Here, as an elder, I will warn you. You two want to step on this floor, it's too soon. As for how long it will take, it's dependent on your changes. Start all over again. But now... it's too soon.
      Killua: Are you kidding...we just made it here!
      Hisoka: Can you pass?

    • Wing: I didn't lie. The Nen is really an important training that exercises the spirit. And, of course it needs Nen. You're right. I shouldn't have taught Nen to those who aren't my disciples. That why I explained with the other Nen. Because, if Nen is used incorrectly, it can become a terrible weapon. For example... (He tears a page of the book he's reading and does something to it that makes it stand erect before flinging it across the room and cutting through a can of juice) A paper can turn into a sharp knife and it can be used to hurt people. However, it can also protect your body like being surrounded by steel. Everybody can master Nen, if they put effort into it. Because of this, the one who teaches must choose the proper person.
      Zooci: Master, that book, I haven't read it yet and that juice is mine.
      Wing: I'm sorry!

    • Wing: First, with Ten, we concentrate our spirit, look carefully at ourselves, and choose our objective. Then, with Zetsu, we change our thought into language. With Ren we sublimate and improve our will. Finally, with Hatsu, we put these into practice.

    • Wing: Gon, Killua. There is an old saying: Knowing half of the matter is worse than knowing nothing. Do you know about that?
      Killua: It's more dangerous having a smattering of knowledge, is that it? But, we want to know, what is Nen?

    • Zooci: Ren is one of the four principles of the big training. The four principles are to elevate and train the spirit and then to understand the basics of all fighting techniques: knowing Ten, remembering Zetsu, succeeding at the Ren and reaching the Hatsu. All those are the training of Nen.

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