Season 1 Episode 39

Convene Skill x Register x The Fight Begins

Aired Unknown Sep 16, 2000 on Fuji Television
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Convene Skill x Register x The Fight Begins
With Wing's training, Gon and Killua are able to pass Hisoka's barrier on the 200th floor. Hisoka informs Gon that he'll only fight him after Gon has won a match on this level. Gon is promptly challenged to a match by the top-spinning Gido. However, Gon is injured and quickly defeated by Gido's tops.moreless

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    • Wing: (thinking about Gon and Killua)I never thought Nen could be learned so quickly. No. Those two are just very talented, It's extraordinary...(Sigh)I have a bad feeling about this.

    • Wing: Listen carefully! Think that you are containing the aura and try to keep an upright position. Close your eyes and position yourselves in a way that lets your easily visualize. Then concentrate your mind, and think that the aura is like the blood which flows through the body. Imagine that the aura flows from your head down to your right shoulder, to your hand then past through your feet and then to the left side! Then the flow will stop little by little, and in your mind appears an image of the aura floating around your body.

    • Hisoka: (To Gon) You only just learned Ten and you are so self-confident. The world of Nen is still beyond your comprehension.

    • Killua: (Thinking to himself as Wing is using Zetsu on Gon and himself) This is the feeling! An invisible expanded sensation is surrounding the body but separated from the skin. If he were to increase the intensity of this feeling by a million times, then it would change into that disgusting Nen that brother used.

    • Gon: I don't think I can win tomorrow, but it doesn't matter. I want to test my ability with Nen.

    • Wing: Slowly open your eyes. What do you feel?
      Gon: I feel like I'm surrounded by warm mucus.
      Killua: Like a warm pile of clothes without weight.

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    • The series Beyblades focuses on top battles within an arena or ring. In this episode, Gido's style shows similar ideals, though Hunter x Hunter is drastically older. Beyblades might have gotten motivation from Hunter x Hunter.

    • The uppermost floors of the Heavens Arena are home to competitors who participate in something called the Olympic Games. This is quite possibly related to the competition held every four years in the real world.

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