Season 1 Episode 24

Damage x Resume x Fake Smile

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 2000 on Fuji Television
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Damage x Resume x Fake Smile
Gon spends a lousy night in the woods, paralyzed and full of self-recrimination. Killua's easily stolen his target's badge from the Amori brothers. Leorio and Kurapika meet up with Gon, and go after Ponzu, Leorio's target. Gon tracks Ponzu to a cave. Leorio enters, and is quickly trapped. Gon and Kurapica join him shortly thereafter, and see Ponzu and Borbon also trapped in the cave.moreless

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  • A Little Character Development From Gon

    Well we get a little bit from this episode, Gon spends a couple of days doing some soul searching. He believes that the reason why he got that far was because his friends, which I believe is true. No one really did a challenge alone and this was the first time in the whole exam that Gon really did something alone. Whole time I was shock that he forgot that someone is also trailing him, it looked like a little boy in a mans game to me. I hope we get to see improvements in him, I wonder why they made him so young I would say at least maybe 14 a teenager but 12 and he's short reminds me of a 5 year old kid getting punched out by a grown man made to hard to watch in the last episode. Gon catches up with his friends Leorio and Karapika and helps Leorio track down his target.moreless
  • Gon les around for half the episode :/

    The episode starts with Gon lying around on the ground thinking about how bad Hisoka is. His body is paralyzed so there isn't much he can do.

    Gon eventually heals and goes on his way. meanwhile Killua encounters the Armori brothers, who he defeats easily. Hanzo even gets in on one of the numbers, but hilariously he got the wrong one.

    Leorio and Kurapica continue the search for Leorio's target Ponzu. they find Gon at one point, who uses his great sense of smell to find where she is. They are lead to a cave where Leorio elects to go down alone. Leorio takes an unuasually long amount of time and Leorio yells up to kurapica and Gon not to come in the cave. They do anyway and find Leorio on the ground, bitten by snakes.

    The episode was pretty boring at first, but got better as it went along.moreless
  • Gon struggles with his own mind while recovering and other candidates find themselves in very tricky situations.

    Although I realize that Gon really needed this episode in order to struggle with his inner demons over what Hisoka did for him and to him, but was it really necessary to dedicate 2/3 of it to him moping around in the forest, not talking, only grunting in pain and looking miserable? I think not, and hence find this episode a long, dragged-out bore. The real action comes later, with Gon's friends searching for their final target: Ponzu. Of course this bee-keeping little lady has fallen into a deadly snake pit, adding suspense to the final episodes of the Fourth Exam. It was a nice turn around after sitting through Gon's pouting and confused morals.moreless

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