Fuji Television (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • G.I. X Everything Cleared X Finale
      Gon gets the highest score on the quiz and an invitation to the Ruler’s castle. The Nen remover returns to Hisoka and they leave the game. Gon enters the castle alone and is greeted by two of G.I.’s creators. A celebration is held and the three cards to be taken out of the game are chosen. Once out of the game, they split from Bisuke and find Ging using the cards they brought back.moreless
    • Cruelty X Determination X Climax
      The group’s plan is revealed, and Gon defeats Gensuru with an earth-shattering attack. They use the card Archangel’s Breath to heal all injuries that were acquired. They collect 99 of the 100 specified cards and the quiz for the final card, 000, A Ruler’s Blessing, commences.
    • Energy X Stiffness X Little Flower
      Gon’s fight continues. Killua and Bisuke reconvene, having finished off their opponents. Gon sustains staggering wounds but continues going. He strays from the group’s plan. Gensuru crushes Gon’s throat.
    • Bisuke X Killua X New Special Attack
      Gon shows the fruits of his special training with Bisuke as the battle with Gensuru heats up, slowly leading toward the plan they concocted. Bisuke uses Accompany to draw her fight elsewhere and reveals a shocking power. Killua also moves his fight away and uses his Hatsu in surprising ways. Gon is way out of his fighting league.moreless
    • Stakeout X Preparation X Battle Start
      Mr. Battera’s reason for purchasing G.I. is made clear. Tsezugera’s group does not return within the allotted 240 hours, however, Goremu holds their cards. Gensuru’s group confronts Gon’s and the final battle begins. Bisuke and Killua lead their opponents away from Gon.
    • Struggle X Pinch X War Declaration
      Bomber contacts Tsezugera and demands the card, as well as Alexandrite Luck from Gon. He managed to peak Gon’s anger by killing the others he had grouped with. They devise a plan to keep Gensuru occupied long enough for them to recover to face him. The Ryodan find the Nen remover and contact Hisoka. The battle with Bomber begins.moreless
    • Unite X Impact X Bungee Gum
      Only Gon, Killua, and Hisoka remain in-bounds. They devise a plan to retrieve the ball from Razor and get him out. Razor bumps the ball in volleyball fashion back at Gon as he conveniently passes out. Hisoka catches the ball with his Bungee Gum, winning the game. Razor tells Gon about Ging. They gain One Acre of Coastline and the group continues against Bomber.moreless
    • Lighthouse X 8 People X Game Master
      They return to Razor’s gym with 9 fighters and 6 fillers. They win the first four matches easily, moving on to the final round: Dodge ball. Razor summons Nen beasts as his partners, and Gon and company learn that they are in the real world. The game commences and it is made clear that it will not be easy.moreless
    • Meeting Again X Hisoka X Sporting Event
      They find the hosts of the challenge: Razor and his fourteen devils. The challenge is to win 8 of 15 sports competitions. Knowing they can’t win, they seek stronger members. While doing so, Gon and company discover that “Kuroro” is Hisoka. They get him as well as Tsezugera to join their quest for One Acre of Coastline.moreless
    • Contact X Razor X United Front
      Gon, Killua, and Bisuke continue gathering cards and are confronted by unions wishing to deal with the threat of Bomber, now named Gensuru. The assembled groups name off the cards they need, and among them is number 75, Alexandrite Luck, which Gon’s group has. Because no one has card 2, One Acre of Coastline, the groups decide to find it.moreless
    • An Encounter X Kuroro X The Gold Dust Girl
      Gon, Killua, and Bisuke discover a player named Kuroro is on G. I. and decide to ask Kurapika about it. The Ryodan also realizes this and are confronted by “Kuroro.” It’s Hisoka. Gon, Killua, and Bisuke begin gathering pocket cards.
    • Nen Removal X New Year X Hunter Exam
      Bomber declares he has placed bombs on all members of the union and will remove them if given the pocket cards the group has obtained. Gon and Killua take a break from serious training for Killua to get his Hunter License. One of the people Bomber had targeted approaches Gon and Bisuke to request help. Once he has left and is alone, the man summons a beast to remove Bomber’s Nen.moreless
    • Masadora x Rush x Bomber
      Bisuke, Gon and Killua are traveling to Masadora to buy spell card. On their way, Bisuke trains and teaches Killua and Gon the Ken Technique.
    • Rock X Paper X Scissors!
      The dodge ball game continues. Tsezugara and Goremu are declared out and injured. Gon is declared out but uses his back option. A curved throw from Razor gets Bisuke out by technicality. Their whole team is injured, and only Razor remains in opposition.
  • Season 3
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  • Season 1