Season 1 Episode 21

Fouth Exam x 44 x Number of Death

Aired Unknown Mar 18, 2000 on Fuji Television
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Fouth Exam x 44 x Number of Death
The next contest pits the contestants against each other for a week on Zebeile, a deserted island. Rippo explains that to win the contest, the opponents need to come up with six points by the end of five days. Gon trains to capture Hisoka's badge, while Geretta, Gon's opponent, observes him silently from the treetops.moreless

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  • Hunter and The Hunted

    Each applicant are given badges with the names of their targets, Gon gets Hisoka, Gon tries to find a way to get Hisoka badge so he practices using his finshing rod on moving targets finally he figures out how to get Hisoka badge. Also the person he saved on the motor boat is stalking Gon. Now for the questions, who is Tompa talking to all the time on the walkie talkie and Gon weapon of choice is a fishing rod? while everyone else uses cool weapons. Since this is still early I won't get ahead of myself. I hope to see some huge improvements from Gon, I already seen a lot of character development of all Gon friends. Gon always been the same type of mood with no type of dramatic event. Also I would like to know what type of hunter he's going to be swinging around a fishing rod and tracking skills there has to be more. I'll like to see his fighting improve I still have not seen him fight.moreless
  • Gon vs Hisoka; the innevitable showdown.

    The episode starts with everyone drawing lots. the examiner explains whoevers number was drawn will be your target in this part of the exam. It's a game of survival, but the catch is the point system. Everyone has a certain target, however taking a non target number will get points as well.

    It soon becomes apparent that it's a manhunt. Everyone gets put on the island every two minutes. Gon is put on nearly last, and right away we see action. It's Pockle against another participant. Gon is stunned by the precision of hunter required, and begins training to take Hisoka's number plate himself.

    Geruta appears to be targeting Gon the whole way, though. This makes things a bit dangerous for Gon, but since he doesn't know he's being targeted he makes foolish mistakes such as sleeping in the open.

    Gon then sees a stunning revelation. He watches the fish eat the fly, but as a result the bird catches the fish for jumping out of the water. This becomes Gon's new strategy for Hisoka. As soon as Hisoka attacks his prey, Gon strikes. Now all gon has to do is find him.

    This was a pretty good episode to say the least. I enjoy situations such as these with high amounts of anxiety.moreless
  • The Fourth Exam begins; it's time to discover who the true Hunters are.

    This marks the beginning of my favorite Exam of the Hunter Exam. Cliched as sticking people on a deserted island and telling them to duke it out is, it works quite nicely in Hunter x Hunter. It is inevitable that they must fight each other to rise amongst the ranks of the passing scores, and this throws them into the thick of it. No rules ensures that under handed tactics will be used, and it's that glorious air of back stabbing that draws the viewer in. Anyone paying any attention to the series already knew that Gon would receive Hisoka's number or the other way around. Now all that remains is the plotting the actual stealing.

    A great beginning to the end of the Exam Saga.moreless

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