Season 1 Episode 20

Giant Wave x Cannon x Huge Rush

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 2000 on Fuji Television
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Giant Wave x Cannon x Huge Rush
Working together, the remaining contestants manage to get a battleship up and running. Gon is thrown in the water and Kurapika knocked unconscious. With Kurapika out of commission, a mysterious long-haired man takes the helm of the ship, and Hisoka reaches in the water and saves Gon. All 24 remaining contestants pass the exam.moreless

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  • Great Bonus Arc

    Gon came up with the idea of using the big ship to survive the storm, they all work together to get the ship working so they can move it when the storm comes. A lot of things happen in the course of events, Gon goes to rescue Leorio underwater. Kurapika gives orders for step to step preparation on what to do. A very explosive episode to watch.
  • The filler arc ends with a bang.

    The episode starts with everyone quickly preparing by fixing up the giant ship in any way possible.

    The tornado is nearing evey minute, but trouble arises when Leorio gets stuck under water. Gon makes it his tast to go help him. Things become more exciting as the weather begins to turn bad and the tornado evidently coming closer and closer.

    At one point the cannons are fired at the part of the ship stuck on the island to free it. This causes Gon to save Leorio, however lose conciousness in the process. Leorio quickly wakes up and gives Gon his last breathes. Gon then saves him up on the surface lol, lots of saving going on. Meanwhile the tornado seems to become unavoidable as they hit a rock causing Gon to fall overboard (Hisoka saves him) They somehow come up with the crazy idea of shooting the cannons at the tornado which makes absolutely no sense, but whatever this is HunterxHunter :P

    The episode ends with everything turning out just fine.

    It was a great episode in some places, however other spots made absolutely no sense and made it all too evident it was a filler episode :/

    Still, it was enjoyable to say the least.moreless
  • The Second Impact hits. Has the team worked well enough together to escape?

    This is, in my opinion, one of the best episodes of this saga. It's got the suspense, it's got the friendship trials, it's got a lot of character maturity. Be it filler or not (seeing as I think this is something that should have been in the original manga), this episode is one of the things that makes Hunter x Hunter what it is.

    This is also one of the better illustrated episodes, gaining it points there. There's hardly an episode that falls below par, but this one sits high and mightily above it.

    Who is the mysterious number 301? Keep watching to find out. He's got a larger role than it first appears.

    Gotta love the covert hinting at a KurapikaXLeorio pairing in this episode. That's another thing this filler is good for--it caters to the fangirls.moreless

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