Season 1 Episode 42

Hisoka's Love x Fight x Gon's Real Strength

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 2000 on Fuji Television
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Hisoka's Love x Fight x Gon's Real Strength
The match continues. Hisoka attaches his Bungee Gum to Gon and defeats him. Hisoka gives Gon a few tips and mentions that their next fight will be to the death. In his apartment that night, Hisoka puts the moves on Machi. Machi cooly informs him of a Genei Ryodan meeting in York Shin City. After Machi departs, Hisoka removes his Ryodan tattoo.moreless

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  • Inexperience

    Gon is too inexperience he needs to go off by himself and go rogue and learn he has a lot of distraction. It's cool having Killua there but it's obvious Gon doesn't grow much if Killua has to hold his hand and tell him what to do. Gon is going have to learn to trust himself and depend on himself to develop instinct that will equal experience. Compare to Killua he's worlds apart I figure by now they would make Gon catch up to them at least but he still behind from his peers well Killua at least. I never seen Gon dominate a match except for those 50th floor guys, next episode is going be Killua kicking some tail, for Gon short comings it seems like a pattern going on here. One tip is for him to stop fighting Hisoka every moment and get him some experience, he needs that forest back again like he did in the hunters exam and get serious because it's months away for the big event.moreless
  • Gon doesn't know when to quit--and in this case, that's a good thing.

    This episode concludes most of the Heavens Arena mini arc, showing the thrilling conclusion to Gon and Hisoka's awaited fight and opening new doors with the intermingling of a new character and a questionable alliance. Gon's resilience peaks Hisoka's love for the unripened fruit, allowing the boy a handful of good hits to boost his confidence for the future. It's almost sickening, the attention Hisoka gives Gon, but there's something dangerously attractive about it. Unlike most villains/anti-heroes, Hisoka is extremely complex, perhaps even the puppeteer pulling the strings behind the scenes. Only time will tell.

    What's with the symbol of the Genei Ryodan, hmm? I give this episode 9.7/10.moreless
  • Gon's not quite there yet

    The episode starts with Hisoka talking to Gon about how he's a reinforcement type and how he's simple minded.

    Hisoka tells Gon not to disapoint him and begins a relentless attack with incredible speed. It is then that Gon relizes that Hisoka has already strapped his Bungee gum on him. Hisoka hits him a few more times and decides to release him.

    Gon then puts together a nice attack which gets Hisoka very excited. Hisoka then decides he isn't ready to kill him yet.

    The match ends when Hisoka tricks Gon and gets his final 2 points. Machi then goes to see Hisoka and informs him of ryodan business and that he's required to be in Yorkshin city on August 30th.

    This was another great episode of HXH that you just have to see to believe.moreless
  • hisoka rocks for a villain! gon vs hisoka. the match of all anime..

    this episode is my favorite personally. Hunter x hunter has a minimum fights but when they do get to business, everything is just amazing. and i sure love my main villain ( hisoka ).

    gon i love him too but the other guy sure suprises me sometimes. I guess why i love him is because of his love for fighting with strong oponents and besides he looks and sounds so perveted.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • There is a scene where Hisoka says to Gon that because he's a Transformation type they could be friends--opposites attract. He also mentions that Gon should be careful because Transformation types tend to lie and that while one second they may value something, the next they may see it as garbage. Hisoka is seems to be making a reference to the friendship between Gon and Killua as well, and what danger it could present for Gon, since Killua is also a Transformation type.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Zooci: Hey Killua, did you see it? Gon scored a critical hit he's in the lead now.
      Killua: Yeah, but a crazy attack like that isn't going to work more than once. He's going to have to come up with something else.

      Wing: You're right about that.
      Killua: It isn't over yet, in fact, it just begun.

    • Gon: (Thinking) I'm scared. But if I back out now, I won't ever be able to face any opponent in the future again! (Continues pummeling Hisoka)
      Hisoka: (Thinking as Gon pummels him) Gon... Great, this is great! Your eyes, your expression, and your spirit... Right now, I want to...destroy you. But not yet. I'll wait...until the fruit is ripe. It'll be such a pity if I destroy you now. I will wait till the wait piles up higher and higher. I have to endure...endure...endure!

    • Togashi-announcer: (Referring to Hisoka and his Bungee Gum) That's from his love of chewing gum resulting from his traumatic childhood. Actually, I should say that Hisoka loved Bungee Gum ever since childhood. Bungee Gum starts out with a sweet taste, but the sweetness disappears after chewing for a while. But Hisoka's family was really poor. He didn't have any allowance, so he couldn't buy Bungee Gumm every day. Therefore, Hisoka could only eat the tasteless Bungee Gum...

    • Hisoka: The nature of this match all depends on my wishes. You will never be able to escape from my flexible Bungee Gum.

    • Hisoka: I can use one phrase to sum up the personality of a Reinforcement type: Simple-minded.
      Killua: Right on the spot.
      Zooci: He's right.
      Hisoka: I'm in the Transformation group... unpredictable and dishonest.
      Gon: He's right.
      Killua: Right again...
      Machi: He's right.

    • Hisoka: (To Gon) Our personalities coincide with each other, because we're opposites, and opposites attract, maybe we'll even become great friends. But I'm very unpredictable. You'll have to be careful. Don't forget, Transformation types are also dishonest. Even things that were initially very important to them can be seen as garbage the next second. Therefore... I hope you won't disappoint me, Gon.

    • Hisoka: You belong to the Reinforcement type, don't you?
      Gon: How... How did you know?
      Hisoka: (Laughs) How can you be so easily fooled? How cute.

  • NOTES (3)


    • The scene with the man in the dog mask justifying a judge's ruling in the match between Gon and Hisoka is perhaps a nod towards the judge seen in the World Marital Arts Tournament from the anime/manga Dragonball, since he happens to be a dog that can speak.

      The mask represents Yoshihiro Togashi's artistic portrayal of himself in the manga volumes.

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