Season 1 Episode 43

Talent x Distraught x Nature of Killing

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 2000 on Fuji Television
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Talent x Distraught x Nature of Killing
The three that greeted Gon and Killua on the 200th floor are getting antsy. They attempt to kidnap earnest Zooci as leverage. Killua tells Sadaso that he'll kill him if he continues to bother Gon or Zooci. Sadaso quickly forfeits his match and warns his two partners to "fight honestly" this time.moreless

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  • Killua Cleaning

    Pretty good episode showing Killua basically taking care of business even when Zushi was kidnapped after the refusal of the fight. Killua end up saving him and put a stop to threat but doing his manipulation Nen. After that one of the fighters went high tailed out of there and the guys went out to celebrate of Killua win.
  • Did anyone else jump at those mirror illusions?

    Here's an episode that any anime fan can appreciate. Killua's finding it difficult to chain his killer instincts, which have chosen to reveal themselves in the form of protection. This is a strange development that must be watched, as it could be deadly in the future. The plotting and animation around this episode was superb, as it's rare to get me to jump when something occurs that I already know is coming. I had to back up the episode and rewatch it just to see if it would do it again and it did, so it's perfectly executed.

    Of all episodes, this is one of Killua's shining moments; it shows the true depth of his character and allows the viewer to get a bit better feeling of what he truly is underneath that confused, sullen exterior.

    I give this episode 9.5/10.moreless
  • "Assasin Killua" resurfaces... Whoa, 3 ten ratings in a row! How rare of me.....

    Despite Gon's loss, Killua takes his turn against a guy who uses a spear as a weapon. Killua is at a disadvantage at first, but when cornered, ends up seriously injuring the opponent.

    Killua and Wing have a talk about how Killua needs to do what he wants to do and not what his brother wants. Killua Gon and Zushi start training with nen some more. Zushi declines further more training so he "Doesn't embarass himself" lol.

    Zushi is then kidnapped by the 3 bad nen users and used as bait for Gon and Killua to fight them. Killua agrees under the conditon that Gon doesn't fight. However the 3 break the promise and force Gon to fight as well. This really annoys Killua to teh point where he confronts one of the 3 fighters and brutally scares him with his killer intent.

    This was yet another great episode which had just about everything a viewer could ask for.moreless

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    • Gon: Well, fighting against Hisoka made me realize that his incredible Nen abilities are only a small part of what makes him such a threat. a lot of it has to do with his crazy personality and unique fighting style. I still have to figure out which Nen ability goes with who I am, and it has to be something that no one has but me. I have no idea what it might be but still I went ahead and challenged him still and fought him anyway; that wasn't very smart. If Hisoka had fought as hard as he could then I would have been...
      Wing: (Wing cuts him off, puts hand on Gon shoulder)The fact that you learned something from all this means it was a worthwhile experience. Sometimes in life you learn a lot more when losing than you do by winning.

    • Sadaso: His eyes... were like those of a person who had lived in the darkest corner of the world. Looking into them made me feel like a helpless lamb. His eyes alone have that much power. I have decided to leave because I don't want to be killed by him. Even though we have been together for a short period of time, I want to advise both of you, be careful. You guys are next. Good-bye.

    • Killua: (To Sadaso) Don't move. If you move, I'll kill you. If you use Nen, I'll kill you. If you speak, I'll kill you. If you understand, then close your eyes. Let me tell you now what will happen if you break our promise. Slowly open your eyes and look at me in the mirror. Listen carefully. If you appear in front of me ever again, I will kill you. That's a promise.

    • Killua: Gee, it's hard for me to change my killing routine. Changing from evil to good is a painful process.

    • Wing: Training doesn't need talent. It also doesn't require a strict guide or use. Also, how you use it is not predetermined. You need to use Nen to strengthen your power. Therefore, I will teach you everything. As long as you are willing to learn, I will be willing to teach you. If there has to be a requirement, it will be the determination in your heart. As long as you can determine your path in life, it's fine with me. Don't force yourself to coordinate with others or chase after your brothers' footsteps, else you'll close off your own power. Everything you do should reflect your own will. (Turns to leave)
      Killua: Wing! Although I still haven't found my own path to follow, I at least know that I'm happy training with those two. So I want to keep training like this, is that okay?
      Wing: Of course.

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