Season 1 Episode 40

Two Months x Rest x With Nen Restrict Nen

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 2000 on Fuji Television
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Two Months x Rest x With Nen Restrict Nen
Wing forbids Gon to train further until he's spent two months recovering from Gido's attack. Killua agrees to stop training too. Hisoka's next match is against doppleganger Kastro. At Hisoka's match, an attractive, purple-haired woman shows up to watch.

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  • Hisoka Fight Begins

    Gon and Killua was going to see Hisoka fight when Wing told Gon to go back to his room a concentrate on healing. Gon went back to his room and Killua went to the arena but first wanted to see one of the fighters that was going to be fighting Hisoka and he was pretty good as he sensed Killua and sneaked behind him at a moment notice. When the matched started with Hisoka he was even shocked of his technique but not for long.moreless
  • It's been a while since a real confrontation.

    This episode shows that while Gon can be foolhardy at times with his insanely stubborn nature, he also knows when what he's done wasn't the smartest option. He knows how to take responsibility for his actions, and that's a valuable trait in any person. This episode also sets the stage for an incredibly tense battle where the viewer will finally get to learn some of the secrets behind Hisoka's strength. It's gonna be fun.

    Oh, and for those of you who noticed her, who's that mysterious purple-haired woman at the end, hmm? She can't possibly be a love interest?! *snort* It all adds up to the future of the next arc, so keep watching to find out!

    I give this episode a 9.5/10. It was simple, but effective, and very captivating to watch.moreless
  • Hisoka finally gets to fight for real...

    The episode starts with Killua scolding Gon for being foolish and allowing himself to get some broken bones and fractures. Wing comes in and says the same exact thing to Gon lol.

    Wing discusses a few things with Killua alone and advises both Gon and Killua to train with the mind. Gon also makes a promise to Wing never to fight in the next 2 months. Gon recovers much faster than expected in only one month and Killua buys tickets to Hisoka's fight against anothe rpowerful fighter named Kastro. However Wing stops Gon from watching so Killua goes alone. Killua goes to see just how strong Kastro is and amazingly Kastro is able to appear behind Killua without being detected.

    The fight between Hisoka and Kastro begins and it becomes clear that Hisoka may have to take this fight seriously.

    This was a great episode with lots of comedy and some action in the end. I find myself excited about this battle between two powerful nen users.moreless

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    • Killua: Broken right radius and ulna, a cracked humerus, three rib fractures and cracks in a dozen other bones. You're gonna need four months to heal now! You moron.
      Gon: Sorry...
      Killua: Apologizing to me isn't gonna do anything! What is going on in that thick skull of yours when you were out there getting your butt kicked, huh?

    • Kastro: Fight for real, Hisoka! I'm not the same as I was two years ago. The next hit, I will show no mercy.
      Hisoka: (chuckles) Don't be in such a hurry. You're not the one who decides if I have to fight seriously or not. I decide... (chuckles)

    • Wing: (Thinking to himself) Master, I've done something terrible this time. I may have awoken uncontrollable beasts.

    • Wing: Is there any use for apologizing to me now?! I don't know what the hell you were thinking! You've seen how those people who were clueless about Nen looked! Let me tell you something, you nearly ended up being one of them! Fortunately...
      Killua: I've... Already mentioned all of that.

    • Killua: Are you a moron? (Gon sticks his tongue out) What do you get by grimacing at me? Do you know that what you've done was very dangerous? What were you thinking?! And you've seen how those people who are clueless about Nen looked like. I tell you, you nearly became one of them.

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