Season 1 Episode 44

Waste x Decision x Exam Results

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 2000 on Fuji Television
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Waste x Decision x Exam Results
Gon defeats Gido and Killua defeats Rilbert, his whip-wielding contestant. Afterwards, Wing commends them on their excellent use of Nen, and tells them that mastering Nen was the final part of the Hunter Examination. After bidding farewell to Wing, Killua and Gon head to Whale Island to visit Gon's family.moreless

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  • Full Fledge Hunter

    Both Gon and Killua take out their revenge on the fighters that kidnapped Zushi and they beat them with flying colors in showing their Nen, that was greatly improved. After their matches Wing told them the truth that he was part of the test for your final trial of a hunter which they passed he encourage Killua to retake the test. Gon wanted to go home and Killua wanted to go with him. Now we know that Nen is a basic requirement of being able to be a hunter still no one out shines the other especially Gon. Gon is still a regular at best, what I thought was special and unique between Gon and Killua turns out everyone knows and has this power in the hunters organization.moreless
  • Time to get the heck outta here!

    All good things must come to an end, though all bad things usually come to an end as well. Gon and Killua finally finish their business in the Heaven's Arena and go on their merry way.

    The fights in the episode were extremely fast, though amusing in that very distinct Hunter x Hunter way. Killua's victory was pure genius and Gon playing off of the fear he knew to be there even more so, but Gon's perpetual pulling up floor tiles has already gotten old. He's been doing it forever, and the ancestors before him (aka those wonderful characters from YYH) have done it too.

    Hopefully the trip to Gon's home will alleviate some of the fight tension that's built up in the series, allow it to go a different route for a while--as we all know Togashi-sensei will return to it with time.moreless

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    • Wing: Ok, now that your next match is coming up, I'd like to see how far you've advanced with your Hatsu.

      Gon: (Gon puts hand on water glass) Sure, I'll go first.(Water overspills)
      Zushi: Oh. Wow!
      Killua: That's awesome.
      Wing: Very good. Now... Your turn, Killua.

    • Wing: The matches today were very interesting. You two have completed the four main sections of Nen very well. From now on, you should keep on training the basics and analyze your own abilities to invent your own Nen technique and use your talent to its full potential, using a technique that is uniquely yours. Think about your hope, your joys and sorrow, what you like, what you want, where you want to go, who you want to meet, what kind of experience you will have. All these will help you shape your future. At the same time, it will reveal to you the Nen that best suits you. You have to find it and make it a part of you. As long as you accomplish this, you will find the best path for the future. Gon, you have passed the secret Hunter Exam. Congratulations.

    • Killua: Electric currents are useless against me! Because I'm used to being electrified. Actually, I shouldn't say it's useless. It's just that I can endure it. I'm still a human being, so of course it will still hurt. That's why this technique of yours has angered me.
      Rilbert reaches the highest point of his flight and makes a frightened sound.
      Killua: If you fall from such a high place, you'll die. What should I do?
      Rilbert: Ple-Please! You have to catch me!
      Killua (still holding the charged whips): Okay, you can drop without any worries.

    • Gon: It doesn't matter what kind of dirty methods you use, I will always counter you. If you dare touch Zooci again, I'll break your whole face!

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