Huntik: Secrets & Seekers

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Dante's Return (4)
      Dante's Return (4)
      Episode 26

      Den and Harrison join the fight against The Betrayer giving the Casterwill's and the team time to regroup, but The Betrayers's tricks are too strong. Lok manages to powerbond with the Legendary Titan Pendragon and recalls his Fathers warning in Tir Na N-Óg. He also calls upon the Legendary Titan Quetzalcoatl, but even then The Betrayer seems too strong. He manages to activate the Spiral Mark. Suddenly Umbra appears and delivers all that is left of Dante, a pile of ashes. The ashes ignite, and Dante is reborn. Dante begins attacking The Betrayer while Sophie calls up the real prophecies of Nostradamus. They reveal The Betrayer is afraid of his own attack, being attacked from behind. Dante uses stone grab to start to freeze The Betrayer allowing Cherit to attack him from behind. The Blood Spiral Mark is revealed. Using the last of his energy, Lok attacks the mark and destroys The Betrayer, seemingly ending The Blood Spirals feud. Months pass. Dante os now a member of the Huntik Council, Lok is the leader of a team, and Montahue and Tursley are examining the Blood Spiral. However the Blood Spiral seems to be putting off some morse code, and a red light signaling the nullifiers is seen in space.

    • Lok and the Betrayer (3)

      Harrison and Den fight, but Zahlia breaks cover to save them both from a cave in. The Casterwills and the Huntik Team clash with the Blood Spiral as Lok and Sophie fight The Betrayer. Cherit brings Lok Eathon's holotome, but it's all been a trick by The Betrayer. Rassimov had planted the Holotome in The Professor's lab solely so the Blood Spiral could be unleashed. The Betrayer shows the real form of the Holotome is none other than the Legendary titan, Demigorgan. Sophie, Lok, and Cherit are knocked unconscious by this new Titan. Zhalia is hurt trying to save, but she's rescued by Den and Harrison together.

    • The Spiral Mark (2)

      In the Final battle Dante defeats Rassimov 1-on-1 while Lok and Sophie destroy Legion. Following Nostradamus' clue, Lok drives the Willblade into the Spiral Mark to destroy it, but it's a trick by The Betrayer and Lok dooms everyone. To save the world from the comet Dante sacrifices himself using the power of Umbra and Phoenix to destroy the comet permanently.

    • Words From Eathon (1)

      The longest night of the year begins at sundown, and the Huntik Team races against time to find the Spiral Mark. Eathon appears to Lok and tells him how to find the last Quatraine. As Rassimov invokes Void to activate the Mark, Zahlia alerts Dante who brings the whole Team with Umbra's power.

    • Back Home
      Back Home
      Episode 22

      After being defeated by Rassimov, the Huntik Team rests at Lok's Mother's house. They end up helping Scarlet with a mission to Tir Na N-Óg, and Lok falls into a gap between dimensions. There he is able to talk with his father, Eathon, who helps him finally bond with the Titan in the Willblade, Pendragon.

    • Rassimov's Secret
      Rassimov's Secret
      Episode 21

      In a bold move the Huntik Team executes a brave plan to capture Rassimov while he is on a mission to capture the necklace of Tut Ankh Amun. At first the plans seems to succeed, but rassimov has planned for this from the start. He releases a titan hidden inside himself, the Legendary Titan of War, Legion, which can absorb Titans and destroy amulets. Legion absorbs Lindorm and Soul Wing, allowing Rassimov to capture the necklace. The Huntik Team barely escapes.

    • An Ally From the Organization

      Dante takes The Huntik Team to see his old enemy form The Organization, Grier. Because of his respect for order Grier dislikes Rassimov and the Blood Spirals. He leads them to the Professor's castle to get Organization data on Rassimov. Dante and Grier fight side by side to finish Wilders group for good and complete the mission.

    • The Phoenix's Ashes

      Sophie faces her fears again to challenge Shauna and Wind to a deadly battle in the volcano. Lok, Dante, Cherit and Den fight with all they have but it looks like they are in trouble. Finally, Sophie leaps into the lava. She rises from the ashes having bonded with the Legendary Titan of Rebirth, Phoenix.

    • The Dead Magic Island

      The Huntik Team joins Montahue and Tersley for a mission to recover the Casterwill Titan Phoenix. However powers and Titans can not be used at certain spots in the Island because of the Lodestone, an ancient stone meant to protect Phoenix, and the Blood Spirals have a head start. Lok destroys the Lodestone and Dante plans to ambush the Spirals before they realize magic can be used again.

    • Lok's Leadership
      Lok's Leadership
      Episode 17

      Lok leads The Huntik Team in a mission to Rumania to capture the wild Titan Antideluvean. However, Harrison has already bonded to the Titan and is waiting for them. Lok fails to invoke Pendragon to save them, but luckily Dante returns from his secret training in time, defeating Tantris with a new power, Copykind.

    • The Power of Umbra
      The Power of Umbra
      Episode 16

      Den befriends a native American seeker and is given a new Titan, Kaiyo The Tracker. Wilder makes his return and captures the Huntik team as they explore the Vault of Cortez. Things look grim, but Dante saves everyone by bonding with the Legendary Titan of Dimensions, Umbra The Shadow Jaguar.

    • Gremlow Infestation!

      Following Lok's father's clues, the Huntik Team investigates the legend of the Pied Piper looking for the Casterwill Family Titan, Umbra. Lok and Googenheim defeat a monstrous swarm of Gremlow Titans, and Sopie uncovers the Pied Pipe itself. Meanwhile, Dante uncovers another secret under the Sea of Cortez.

    • The Spiral War
      The Spiral War
      Episode 14

      The meeting of the Casterwill Elders is disrupted when Kiel and his Spiral Army attack. The Huntik Team fights alongside the Casterwills, and Sophie faces Kiel. Nimue, a Casterwill Elder, uses soulburn to get some of the spirals to flee, but at a price. Nimue sacrifices her life. Bonding with power bonded Sorcerell, Sophie barely win, leaving Lok to save her from a rampaging Ifrit King. After the battle, Sophie finally wins leadership of the Casterwills.

    • Sophie on Trial
      Sophie on Trial
      Episode 13

      The Casterwill elders place Sophie on trial for activating the Blue Star. Sophie must prove herself to gain a gathering of all Casterwills if they are to defeat the Spirals, but a loss in this trial could lead to her banishment or even her death.

    • The Titan in the Temple of the Sun

      Dante, Lok, Den, and Sophie meet with the Huntik Council. The Casterwill liaison Teien ask them to find and activate the Blue Star to signify the meeting of Casterwill Elders. Lok activates the signal as Dante and Sophie hold off Kiel, but Kiel reveals he was the one who destroyed her home when she was young.

    • The Casterwill Connection

      Casterwill Elder Focauld comes under the attack of the Blood Spirals. The team is dispatched to save him, and Sophie must prove herself to Focauld if she is to gain access to more of the Casterwill secrets.

    • Boys Will Be Seekers

      Den joins the team to replace Zhalia, but he's not ready to be a hero and runs away. The Spirals welcome Zhalia to their cause. Harrison is given the mission to kill his brother. The Spirals set out to attack Den, but Lok helps him defeat them. Zhalia protects Harrison to earn the trust of the Spirals and be inducted into their organization as Harrison's new protector.

    • Zhalia's Mission
      Zhalia's Mission
      Episode 9

      The Huntik team learns the Spirals are after the Titan Medusa. Zhalia comes up with a plan to ambush the Spirals, but it backfires. Lok gets to Medusa and manages to make her one of his Titans. He also power bonds with another of his Titans to scare off the Spirals. Zhalia leaves the team to act as a spy in the Spirals organization.

    • The Legendary Titan of Fate

      When an ancient artifact, the ring of Arc, vanishes, the Huntik team must follow the clues into underground catacombs to find it. they are given a test to get the ring back by a mysterious blue light, overcome their nightmares. Lok and Dante escape and learn the blue light is actually the legendary Titan Arc. Now they must defeat Arc if they are to get their friends back. They do so, but not without Dante wondering if they can be successful in the future against the Spirals.

    • Den Vs Harrison
      Den Vs Harrison
      Episode 7

      Zhalia returns to her old orphanage and learns the Blood Spirals are trying to recruit potential orphan seekers to their cause. Two brothers stand at the center, one wanting to use his hate to gain power while the other wants to use his skills and love to protect the world. The brothers, Den and Harrison, begin to fight, and the Blood Spiral recruits must test their skils against the Huntik team.

    • The Blood Spiral
      The Blood Spiral
      Episode 6

      After learning that Klause was the last one with Void, Zhalia is forced to use Basilisk to unpetrify him to learn of Void's location. Wilder waits the team in Klause's lab hoping to find Void and use Void to make him the ruler of the world. The two groups are ambushed though by Rasimoff, who they learn is one of the leaders of the Blood Spirals. The Spirals capture Void, but Dante is able to hold them off by power bonding with Caliban to give the team a fighting chance to survive.

    • Chasing Void
      Chasing Void
      Episode 5

      Sophie's brother appears and demands that she goes into hiding to avoid the upcoming battle with the Blood Spirals. He says he'll reconsider only if they can help them find the legendary Titan Void. In order to learn Void's location, Sophie and Lok let themselves be captured by the organization.

    • Knight of the Willblade

      Avalon is found. Lok gains the power to use the Willblade and the legendary titan Pendragon, but a dangerous crimson light shoots off to inform the Bloody Spirals that their master is reawakening.

    • Cave of the Casterwills

      Lok and the Huntik team are led to Northern England where they must search for Avalon. There Sophie is given a test to determine whether she is a direct descendant of Nostradamus and a true Casterwill family heir. Sabriel returns as a power bonded Titan to Sophie, and Nimowey promises to help the team find the Willblade and Avalon.

    • The Tower of Nostradamus

      The founder of the Casterwills is revealed to be Nostradamus. The Organization invades his sanctuary tower hoping to find hidden clues. The Huntik team follows them to try and stop new Organization leader Wilder while unlocking mysterious coded messages found in Eathon's holotome that should help defeat the Blood Spirals.

    • Doorway to Huntik

      The Huntik team invades the Organizations base to try and learn info about Eathon Lambert. There they find out he vanished at a waterfall in Peru. The team investigates this and learns that Eathon has traveled into the world of the Titans- Huntik itself. After communicating with Eathon through his holotome, the team is given a new mission: help the Casterwills fight and defeat a dangerous new evil, the Blood Spirals. In order to do so, the team is also given the ability to powerbond with their strongest titans.

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