Huntik: Secrets & Seekers

Season 1 Episode 26

The Mission

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 05, 2009 on Nicktoons Networks
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The Mission

Dante loses his confidence after giving the Professor the two Legendary Titans, so Lok decides to head the mission to stop The Professor from releasing the fourth and final Legendary Titan with Sophie. Meanwhile Zhalia stays with Dante to try and boost his confidence and protect him from two Titans that have been summoned by The Professor's dog Ethan(Lok's father's name). Will Metz be cured? Will Dante regain his confidence? Will Lok learn what happened to his father? The answers will be revealed in the season finale of Huntik.

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  • In this episode, DAnte gives up the amulets to the professor, Lok gets mad at him so does Sophie, Zhalia protects him.

    This episode really shows who these people are. Lok is the leader alpha dog, when this show first starts, its dante, but in this one dante looses it and gives up, however you've got to admire, hes doing it to save a friend. Lok flips on Dante, and rightfully so, they've come so far to collect these titans only to have Dante give them up. Sophie sides with Lok nad starts trying to fight Zhalia for protecting and defending Dante, Cherit just wants everyone to get a long. It's dramatic and crazy and if you've followed this lovely soap opera, you start to feel for these people, they become your buddies. You grow to love Lok ; his genious with puzzles, his naivity, his clumsiness, and his leadership ability. Sophie is a know it all, but friendly and compassionate at the same time. She has a tragic background as well as a priveleged one, which is an odd combination, but it works so well! Zhalia is an enigma, very cynical, but very sensitive as well. Dante is like Dick Tracy, Kurt Cobain, and Bruce Lee mixed together, he's quiet, but charismatic,sometimes a little spacey but stress does that. Cherit is a little gargoyle titan, who is like everyone's cheerleader, he has his own little story.

    My only complaint is the ethnic steoretypes throughout the show, you'll notice if you watch long enough.moreless

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