Season 1 Episode 15

A Game of Two Halves

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2006 on

Episode Recap

The Hurricanes are undergoing a training session before their World Club Championship match against Mulravia Athletico. However a helicopter flying over the ground is spying on them. Inside is Stavros Garkos and Prince Rupert of Mulravia. Garkos is helping the Prince to beat the Hurricanes in order to get drilling rights to Mulravia's oil reserves. Rupert won't sign the contract until he has won the football match, leaving Garkos frustrated. Amanada and Jock are discussing Mulravia's team as the Prince has spent a fortune on new signings and he is there main goalscorer.

Amanda, Cal and Napper are out parasailing when Rupert turns up on a jet ski and starts showing off in order to impress Amanda. Instead he crashes the jet ski and causes Amanda to crash land. She starts to yell at him when he introduces himself and invites her to stay at his castle when the Hurricanes go to Mulravia for the match.

Whilst the Hurricanes are on route to Mulravia, Garkos outlines his plan to Wyn and Ghenghis to get to Mulravia's oil reserves. In order to ensure that Mulravia win the match, he dispatches Wyn and Ghengis to try and find out what the Hurricanes game tactics are. When the Hurricanes arrive in Mulravia they go for a training session, whilst Amanda heads up to Prince Ruperts castle. Garkos is already there and is once again trying to talk Rupert into signing the contract for the drilling rights by saying that's what Rupert's uncle Alphonso would have wanted. When he sees that Amanda has arrived, he beats a hasty retreat. Rupert shows Amanda around the castle and explains that his Father had died when he was very young so he was raised by his Uncle Alphonso. Alphonso had been a scientist, as well as the greatest centre forward in the history of Mulravian football. That was how Rupert got into playing football.

Topper is left in the hotel to watch TV whilst the team is training. Wyn and Ghenghis don't realsie this when they break into the hotel room disguised as cleaners. Topper watches whilst they plant a bug which will allow them to listen in to the team tactics and then self-destruct. Topper grabs the device and plants it on the cleaning trolley that Wyn and Ghengis are using. He then messes around with the remote causing it to explode.

On the day of the match the Hurricanes are winning 1-0 but Rupert has changed the rules to suit himself. Anyone that tackles him can be arrested for treason. Mulravia Athletico score but their player was in an offside position. Despite this the referee allows the goal. Cal and Napper start to argue with the referee over it, when Price Rupert orders them to be arrested for violating his royal dignity.

Napper and Cal are carted off to prison. Whilst in their cell another prison breaks into their cell and seems to know who they are. It turns out to be Rupert's Uncle Alphonso. Garkos had tried to persuade him to drill for oil but he had refused. Instead Garkos had him secretly imprisoned and then told everyone he had died.

Amanda tries to get the local embassies to get Cal and Napper out of prison but they say they are unable to help so they have to play the re-match without them. However Topper manages to sneak into the castle whilst Cal, Napper and Alphonso are trying to dig their way out. Topper breaks into the armoury and accidentally sets off a grenade which frees the guys from prison. When the guards realise the Grand Prince is still alive they let them go to try and get to the match. They just get there for half time where the score is 1-1. Rupert is overjoyed to see his Uncle is alive, while Garkos runs away. Rupert apologies for his behaviour and they go and finish the match playing by the proper rules. The Hurricanes go on to win the match 2-1.