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  • Season 1
    • The Masked Matador
      The Masked Matador
      Episode 50
      Jock suspends Toro from the team and Toro decides to spend his extra time wrestling as "The Masked Matador." Jock revokes the suspension, but someone discovers the truth behind The Masked Matador and tries to use it to force him to throw a fight. How will Toro conceal his secret identity?moreless
    • The Bull and the Wolf
      Toro expects to receive the title of Spain's soccer football player. The other candidate is a Gorgon known as "Wolf."
    • It's a Jungle Out There
      The Hurricanes are in Brazil, where Plato's brother, Humberto, has found a gold mine near the place where Wyn and Genghis are looking for a mind-affecting plant for Stavros Garkos. After learning about Humberto's mine they decide to take it for themselves and quit working for Garkos.
    • The Great Defensive Wall of China
      The Hurricanes are in China, where a cult believes Napper is the one they have been waiting for their whole life.
    • Dino's Snapshot
      Dino's Snapshot
      Episode 46
      The Hurricanes and the Gorgons are finalists in the Mediterranean Cup and the Gorgons, with some help from Stavros Garkos' sister, take a snapshot that can damage the referee's reputation and intend to use it to force him to help them, but they and Dino accidentally change cameras.
    • Death Valley Girl
      Death Valley Girl
      Episode 45
      The Hurricanes and the Gorgons end the finals with a tie and have to split the cup. No one is satisfied with this and Amanda challenges the Gorgons to an eco-challenge. How dangerous can it be when the Gorgons' captain Wyn Smithe is more interested in getting even with Cal Casey than leading his team to the victory?moreless
    • Who Does That Voo-Doo?
      The Hurricanes are in New Orleans where Papillon and his cousin face the spirit of a voo-doo witch that seeks revenge.
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Episode 43
      The Hurricanes are going to play in France, where Papillon trades places with his double, a local street-artist.
    • Target: Winston
      Target: Winston
      Episode 42
      After scoring a goal against the Gorgons in the last minutes of the game, the Hurricanes were sure that they would win, but an explosion at Winston Honeychurch's booth forces the referee to cancel the game and designate a day for a new one. Stats and Amanda discover that the explosion wasn't an accident and try to discover something that connects this to Stavros Garkos, who decides to tell Wyn and Genghis to help Amanda and discover what's going on.moreless
    • The Curse of the Gorgon
      The Hurricanes are going to play against the Gorgons in Athens, but the legendary Medusa seems to be turning the Hurricanes into stone.
    • The Relegator
      The Relegator
      Episode 40
      After reading sci-fi stories, Napper has a dream about 100 years in the future, when Stavros Garkos IV, future boss of the Gorgons, sends a robot player named The Relegator back in time to change the results of a Hurricanes vs. Gorgons game where Stavros Garkos had lost all of his enterprises' mortgage money.moreless
    • ???
      Episode 39
      The Hurricanes have to prepare themselves for a team named Giants(take a look at their players), while ruining Stavros Garkos's illegal toxic waste dumping. And Napper tries to become a poet. If someone knows the episode's name, please, contribute.
    • Hurricane Hooligans
      Napper's brother, Nigel, joins a group named "Hurricane Hooligans", whose acts of vandalism might oblige the Hurricanes to close the Hispanola Stadium. The Hurricanes must prove that Stavros Garkos is the responsible for the Hurricane Hooligans and save Hispanola Stadium.
    • Football Fugitives
      Football Fugitives
      Episode 37
      An eccentric inventor was testing a device which accidentally sends Cal and Napper to England in 1337, where soccer was against the law.
    • The Flying Eye
      The Flying Eye
      Episode 36
      Stats develops a flying camera to change the way soccer is televised. Will his ‘flying eye’ be better on preventing Stavros Garkos from expelling Amanda’s Irish Uncle and Aunt from the land where he intends to build a waterpark?
    • Serpents of the Nile
      A soccer stadium found at and old pyramid is a sign that soccer was invented by Ancient Egyptians. There’s a trophy there and, before anyone sees it, Stavros Garkos wants his sister to bring it to him, so he can use it to ‘prove’ soccer was invented by Ancient Greeks.
    • Ecosphere of Death
      Ecosphere of Death
      Episode 34
      Jackson Black, owner of the ecosphere where the Hurricanes are training for a game against the Gorgons, loses the ecosphere to Stavros Garkos in a bet and won’t get it back unless the Hurricanes win the game.
    • Balancing Act
      Balancing Act
      Episode 33
      Unscrupulous logging magnate Douglas Fir theratens to buy Hal Tillicum’s Colombian Training camp. Will the Hurricanes be able to stop Fir and his Hockey team?
    • Big Sister, Big Trouble
      A mysterious woman appears at Hispanola Stadium and claims to be Amanda's big sister. Amanda believes her, but Jock thinks she's just a golddigger. To make things worse, Helmut and Yorg start to fight for her love.
    • One Million Years F.C.
      Cal Casey is invited to be special guest in a movie. But, the movie's dangerous scenes make Coach Jock Stone worried. He wouldn't be the only one if the Hurricanes knew that Stavros Garkos is sponsoring the movie.
    • When Hurricanes Collide
      The Hurricanes are going to space for a soccer game. The problems are: Dino, the Hurricanes’ goalie is afraid of this trip and Stavros Garkos, with permission from himself instead of one from NASA, is launching a communication satellite from his island in order to put his network on the airmoreless
    • Water, Water, Everywhere
      Stavros Garkos and his sister, Melinda, intend to buy every residence in a South Pacific island. What became very easy since the local water filtration plant has broken down. How will the Hurricanes stop their evil plan?
    • Terror in Transylvania
      There's terror in Transylvania when gullible Plato believes that the Hurricanes are playing against a team of blood-sucking vampires.
    • Team Spirit
      Team Spirit
      Episode 27
      The Hurricanes go on the war path when Garkos secretly begins mining on a sacred Native American burial site.
    • Marley in Chains
      Marley in Chains
      Episode 26
      Rude skips his High School Certificate exams to go to a reunion with some old friends. But these friends are slipping into a life of crime. Can Rude stop their slide down the slippery slope?
    • Escape to Freedom
      Escape to Freedom
      Episode 25
      The team find themselves with a moral dilemma when they are captured by General Suarez, a dictator. If they win, they win their freedom. If they lose, the opposition prisoners will go free.
    • Traitor
      Episode 24
      Could a micro-transmitting tooth be the molar "mole" that's leaking the Hurricane's tactical secrets to the Gorgons?
    • The Serpent’s Tail
      The Serpent's Tail
      Episode 23
      The Hurricanes must win a match against the Gorgons by learning a centuries-old tactic known as "The Serpent's Tail." If they lose, a forest will be pulped for paper by Garkos industries.
    • Love at First Byte
      Love at First Byte
      Episode 22
      MATT (Multimedia Analysis and Training Toolkit) is a high-tech "computer-'bot" that stands in as coach when Jock is ill. The Gorgons snatch Matt and get more than they bargained for!
    • Soccer Safari
      Soccer Safari
      Episode 21
      When the Hurricanes travel to Africa to play the Zambia Zebras, an elephant wounded by poachers attacks the Hurricanes jeep. Can Andy Stone's revolutionary new cold-compress save the day?
    • There’s Only One Jock Stone
      Jock Stone is sacked and replaced by an undercover employee of Stavros Garkos. The new coach will destroy the Hurricanes unless Cal and Napper can liberate Amanda from a cruise-ship.
    • Missing in Moscow
      Missing in Moscow
      Episode 19
      Cal's back in Moscow for a reunion with university friend VANYA when he's plunged into a world of espionage.
    • Techno-Team
      Episode 18
      Before another game against the Gorgons, the Hurricanes decide to practice against a team of robots, but Stavros Garkos has a plan of his own for the robots.
    • Topper’s Typo
      Topper's Typo
      Episode 17
      A chimp plus a typewriter equals disaster when Topper tampers with an invitation written to top team A.C. Milan.
    • Boot of All Evil
      Boot of All Evil
      Episode 16
      Plato refuses to do an Australian TV commercial for football boots and dives off into the outback. Will he be found in time for the next game?
    • A Game of Two Halves

      Amanda accepts an invitation from school friend Prince Rupert of Mulravia for the Hurricanes to play against the home team. Watch as Cal and Napper uncover a mysterious conspiracy.

    • Phantom Fan
      Phantom Fan
      Episode 14
      Garkos threatens to buy Inverfinnan Park, home to Jock's old club and the ghost of their most loyal fan while Wyn and Ghengis attempt to sabotage the charity match organized by Jock.
    • Papillon and the Princess
      While on a team trip to Monaco, Papillon takes on the motor racing circuit and catches the eye of a "film producer." A hair raising adventure begins when a kidnapping is attempted.
    • Reunion in Rio
      Reunion in Rio
      Episode 12
      A match in Rio reunites Plato with his big brother Humberto, who is about to sign for the Garkos Gorgons. Humberto changes his mind when Topper uncovers Garkos' maltreatment of animals. Together, the two brothers foil a dastardly attempt to illegally export a team of soccer playing chimps.
    • Hot Dog
      Hot Dog
      Episode 11
      What was meant to be a recreational trip to Aspen, Colorado, ends up with Rude wrongly accused of stealing a diamond ring. It's a devious frame up engineered by Stavros Garkos, but the Hurricanes get the truth out of Garkos' sidekick after taking him on a winter-sports crash course he'll never forget.moreless
    • The Team that Time Forgot
      Forced to land their jet on a far-flung desert island, the Hurricanrs come face to face with a tribe of soccer-mad natives.
    • Home Game
      Home Game
      Episode 9
      Stavros Garkos has plans to build a nightmarish themepark in inner city L.A. The development threatens to wipe a sports-centre for underprivileged kids off the map.
    • Around the World in 90 Minutes
      Amanda's brainwave to play soccer at sea sails into trouble when the Hurricanes' aircraft carrier soccer pitch is captured by the Garkon Navy. The tour will be in jeopardy unless the Hurricanes take on their old rivals the Gorgons. During the match, non-swimmer Georgie is shoulder-charged into the sea. Georgie's in deep water and the Hurricanes are in deep trouble.moreless
    • Bloodmatch
      Episode 7
      In an effort to demoralize the Hurricanes, the Gorgons steal Dino's lucky tailsman, a photo of his big brother. Without the photo Dino's game takes a nosedive. If Dino ever hopes to return to form it's up to the Hurricanes to retrieve the photo and solve the mystery that lies behind it.moreless
    • Go Ape!
      Go Ape!
      Episode 6
      Coach Jock Stone goes ape when he discovers Plato has smuggled Topper, a runaway chimp, into the stadium on the very day of a Football Association Inspection.
    • Midfield Dribble
      Midfield Dribble
      Episode 5
      The Caribbean Cup is missing and the finger of suspicion points at disgruntled former groundsman, Slade. Not only do the Hurricanes have to win the cup, they have to find it!
    • Toro
      Episode 4
      A leg injury leads to Toro losing his nerve before the home crowd in Spain. Can Toro regain his courage and save Amanda and his little sister Maria when they are in danger from a fierce bull?
    • Deep Cover / Family Feud
      Two episodes from the childrens animated series which follows the exploits of a pro football team owned by a teenage girl. 'Deep Cover' and 'Family Feud'. Deep Cover When a wave of injuries strikes the Hurricanes, a mysterious player arrives to save the day. Even rival team-boss Stavros Garkos is interested in signing the newcomer. Family Fued Helmut and Yorg the Beethoven Twins are feuding. On a trip to Japan, Yorg is kidnapped and Helmut has a nightmarish trip across Tokyo to save his brother.moreless
    • Stowaway
      Episode 3
      A runaway from the Gorgon's youth team stows away on the Hurricanes' blizzard-bus. He is found and returned to a life of hardship in the Gorgon's training camp. Can the Hurricanes save him?
    • Family Feud
      Family Feud
      Episode 2
      Helmut and Yorg the Beethoven Twins are feuding. On a trip to Japan, Yorg is kidnapped and Helmut has a nightmarish trip across Tokyo to save his brother who is being held captive on the top of Tokyo Tower
    • Stowaway / Toro
      Stowaway / Toro
      Episode 1
      More animated adventures for the Hurricanes soccer team in: 'Stowaway' and 'Toro'. Stowaway A runaway from the Gorgon's youth team stows away on the Hurricanes' blizzard-bus. He is found and returned to a life of hardship in the Gorgon's training camp. Can the Hurricanes save him? Toro A leg injury leads to Toro losing his nerve before the home crowd in Spain. Can Toro regain his courage and save Amanda and his little sister Maria when they are in danger from a fierce bull?moreless
    • Deep Cover
      Deep Cover
      Episode 1
      When a wave of injuries strikes the Hurricanes, a mysterious player arrives to save the day. Even rival team-boss Stavros Garkos is interested in signing the newcomer. Only Jock Stone knows the awful truth!
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