Season 1 Episode 12

Reunion in Rio

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Episode Recap

The Hurricanes are on their way to Rio de Janeiro to play against the Cariocas. The match is a decider for the World Club Championships Play Offs. Plato's big brother Humberto also plays for the Cariocas, and the thought of playing against him gives Plato nightmares. Jock even has to chase after him one evening whilst he was sleep walking to prevent him from hurting himself. On the pitch he is completely off his game due to his nerves and is not looking forwards to the match. Jock tries to talk to him but can't manage to cheer him up

Although Jock banned Plato from taking Topper with them, but Topper stows away on the plane without Plato realising. On the plane Plato tells Papillion all about his brother and that he is terrified of playing against him. Topper gets up into the main part of the plane with the team and ties Jock's shoelaces together as well as stealing his dinner. Plato and Papillion spot Topper and hide him in their bag. Unfortunately Jock finds him when he goes back to the plane for his camera and chases him through the airport. Customs stop Plato and explain that the illegal traffiking of animals is a serious crime and that he could go to prison for a very long time, when Plato's brother Humberto shows up to meet him. Because Humberto is so famous the customs officers let Plato go and blame Jock instead.

Meanwhile Garkos, Wyn and Genghis are also in Rio. Firslty they want to sign Humberto for the Gorgons, and secondly Garkos is training monkeys to entertain the crowds at the Gorgons stadium. Garkos instructs Wyn and Genghis to keep an eye on Humberto and they find Topper instead. They capture him and decide to take him to Garko's private circus. Plato and Humberto give chase, but Humberto refuses to believe that they monkeynappers play for the Gorgons as he is about to sign for them. Plato demands to know why Humberto would sign for them and he explains that Garkos would make him Captain and he could name his own price for signing. Garkos also bought Humberto an expensive sports car to sweeten the deal.

Humberto and Plato chase Wyn and Genghis across Rio to the port where Garkos has been trying to train his monkeys to play football. He is pleased when Wyn telephones him to say they have got Topper, but not so pleased when he finds out that Humberto is following them. As they race through the streets of Rio they are followed by the traffic police. Wyn and Genghis manage to get through a red light, but Humberto stops at it and is caught by the Police. However Topper attacks Genghis and forces him off the road. This distracts the Police long enough for Humberto and Plato to escape.

They eventually make it to the port where Plato causes a distraction for the guards by driving Humberto's car into the water. Topper hears Plato and lets himself out of his cage, along with all the other monkeys. Garkos, Wyn and Genghis challenege Plato and Humberto when they board Garkos's ship. The monkeys attack the Gorgons in retaliation for their ill treatment just as the Police arrive. They demand that Garkos show the necessary papers for having all the animals, and Humberto tells him that he won't be signing for the Gorgons after all.

The match goes ahead as planned and with the last few minutes of the game the Hurricanes and the Cariocas are drawing one all. Plato is marking Humberto, although he couldn't prevent Humberto from scoring, putting the Cariocas in the lead. The ball goes out to Plato and he charges up the field and scores the goal that ties the game, which means the Hurricanes have to play a rematch but this time at the Hispanola stadium.
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