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  • Can never forget this.

    Hurricanes is a cartoon which i grew watching. Football is a big thing back home and hurricanes combined my two favourite things at that age, Football and Cartoons. Characters from all different nationalities playing against the enemy of the gorgons. Characters such as the brazilian footballer with his monkey added humour to the show.
  • Looking back on this, maybe it wasn't that great but still one of my favourites

    The Hurricanes was a show about the trials and tribulations of a football team, each episode contained adventures involving some member of the team and at the end of each episode they played (and beat) some other team either in the league or a friendly (which 99% of matches seemed to be).

    At the time it seemed like one of the shows which you watched because nothing else was on, but people have fond memories of this show. The show was aimed at teaching a moral lesson to youngsters and at the end of the programme, the owner of the team (14 year old Casey), would give us all a reflection of the episode and what had been learnt.

    The animation quality for the show, although not great for its' day looks well outdated now. The character style and shapes look near extinct.

    The characters in the show are memorable. The team is a very multicultural one, and is made up of players from all nationalites. We have Jock, the scottish coach, The German Beethoven brothers, Torro the spanish international, and Casey the 14 year old heir to the team.

    The writing was of adequate standard. Although the storylines can be a bit boring, the jokes and lines made it interesting to watch.

    I was wondering what happened to this show and any material on it. But i could not locate any, until Yahooligans started to broadcast this show. It is highly recommended by me because it contains a lot of good memories, however maybe i am looking through rose tinted lenses?
  • Tvtome once was the best guide of Hurricanes ever, but is ruining it.

    Hurricanes is one of the best cartoons ever made. Too bad that Tvtome\'s new home had erased some information and destroyed so many things about the series like the notes. Tvtome should have stayed on its old home. The Gorgons are the funniest villains in the series. I hope someday Tvtome restores all destroyed data not only about this series but also about all other series damaged with its move to