Season 3 Episode 4

A Bollywood Dream

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2006 on BBC
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One of Albert's long time concierge contacts, Harold, asks Albert to target a man who's caused a lot of suffering in the Asian community - Kulvinda Samar, a greedy sweatshop owner and ardent fan of Bollywood films. The gang agree to use a classic movie-investor con on Samar - given it's Bollywood they'll have a lot to learn, but as ever, they're determined to make it perfect.moreless

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  • The group takes on a sweatshop owner who has dreams of being a Bollywood actor.

    I am a sap - I readily admit it, but I loved this episode. Be warned that herein are spoilers.

    I like that the con didn't take simply because it was too perfect. Mickey is a perfectionist, but I can see someone becoming suspicious of something that seemed too good to be true.

    I love how sympathetic the mark becomes after getting amnesia. I figured that this happened because he planning on conning them, but I really liked him inspite of myself. The scene where he revisits the set of the Bollywood film they are supposedly making and there is the singing and dancing sequence makes me want to see a Bollywood movie - it was so well done! I like that Mickey's group lives by a code, especially when their code means that they end up helping someone more than harming them. This was a very satisfying episode.

    Danny's gardening hobby was hilarious!moreless
  • Another superb episode with the usual superb humour, clever plot and good acting.

    The Bollywood theme is clever and humourous with Stacie making a magnificent Indian princess. She is supported by the rest of the team in a very funny singing scene, especially with Danny hamming it up. Angel Coulby from Vincent is great as the receptionist taken in by Danny's Brad Pitt impersonation. The ingenuity the team uses to get a studio is classic. Silas Carson is excellent as a smooth Kulvinder Samar, exploiter of immigrants in his sweatshop and Bollywood fan. There is suspense when Danny shows his short-coming as a chauffeur and with what followed. His sudden interest in gardening is humorous with a nice twist at the end. What happened to Samar at the end was a bit unbelievable but overall another great episode.moreless
  • Bollywood grifters!

    I was a little disappointed by episode 3, but this one made up for it nicely! With a con gone spectacularly wrong, Mickey decides to go for broke and pull the identical con on the identical mark, who now has amnesia but may regain his memory at any moment. How they squeeze all this into one hour is testament to tight plotting and more fine writing (and squeezing a subplot of Danny's newfound hobby of gardening into the mix)

    We get to see the human side of Danny as his ethics dissuade him from completing the con, and a lovely subtle performance from Silas Carson as the self-centred businessman forced to re-evaluate his life.

    And it's great to see some Bollywood in a TV show! (BTW Adrian Lester aka Mickey is a trained stage performer which is why he looks so comfortable in the dance numbers)moreless
  • Brilliant series in decline.

    Yawn, this week the gang con a bastard sweat shop owner with an obsession for Bollywood films and perfectionism who develops amnesia. WTF? Unfortunately, I think this series is finally letting itself go, the bollywood musical number featuring the cast clinched it for me. Every week, the plots get more ridiculous, the suspension of disbelief too great, and the cons too obvious and full of holes.

    Get the season 1 and 2 dvds and watch them twice instead of this season.

    NOTE I edited this review and changed the score from a 5 to a 7. despite all of the criticisms i have made of series 3 of this show, it is still an entertaining watch and my original 5/10 was a little harsh considering a crap episode of hustle is still better than a good episode of a whole bunch of other crap tv.moreless
Silas Carson

Silas Carson

Kulvinder Samar

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Renu Setna

Renu Setna


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Angel Coulby

Angel Coulby

Desk Girl/Alice

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Rob Jarvis

Rob Jarvis


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    • Danny: (answering his cell) Speak.
      Mickey: Hi, Brad. It's Gerard.
      Danny: Brad?
      Mickey: Yeah. What's the weather like over there?
      Danny: Mickey, I know it's you. Get to the point, son, all right? I'm trying to pot me plants.
      Mickey: No, no. (laughs) Brad.
      Danny: Oh, I get it. I gotta be Brad, yeah. Is this, like, that game where... put a sticker on me head and have to guess who I am, is that it?
      Mickey: Yeah, that's right, that's right. Listen, I've got a huge fan of yours here. Yeah, she absolutely loved you in Ocean's Eleven.
      Danny: (to Stacie) Brad... Ocean's Eleven...
      Stacie: Brad Pitt, maybe?
      Danny: Yeah, I know. (to Mickey) Am I Brad Pitt, maybe?
      Mickey: That's right. Yeah, so look, as a favor to me, would you mind having a chat?
      Danny: No. Mick-Mick-don't put her on -
      Mickey: Yeah, good. (hands phone to desk secretary)
      Danny: Mickey, don't - I can't do Brad Pitt. He sounds like Donald Duck.

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode aired in the US on the AMC network on July 19th, 2006 at 10PM EST/EDT.

    • According to the Broadcaster's Audience Research Board, LTD (BARB), this episode of "Hustle" garnered 5.64 million viewers. This episode was ranked 14th on BBC1 and 32th for all 5 networks for the week ending 04/02/2006.

    • Crew for this episode with a different title:
      " Jamie Parsons (Unit Manager)
      " Llewellyn Harrison (Grip)
      " Ray Holt (Props Master)
      " Claire Moorsom (Script Editor)
      " Rudi Buckle (Sound Recordist)
      " Jan Sewell (Make-up & Hair Designer)

    • Crew for this episode with a missing title:
      " Anna Kemp (3rd Assistant Director)
      " Celine Goetz (Assistant Co-ordinator)
      " Steven Edwicker (Production Accountant)
      " Jacqueline O'Sullivan (Assistant Accountant)
      " Lindsay Grant (Continuity)
      " Patrick Stewart (Location Manager)
      " Matthew Clarke (Locations Assistant)
      " George Grieve (Clapper Loader)
      " Richard Potter (Best Boy)
      " James Bain (Sound Maintenance)
      " Ben Barrington (Standby Art Director)
      " Quinn Robinson (Assistant Art Director)
      " Zoe Smith (Production Buyer)
      " Dale Manning (Assistant Buyer)
      " Paul Michel (Props Storeman)
      " Steven Westley (Dressing Props)
      " Paul Bovington (Standby Props)
      " Liam Collins (Standby Props)
      " Laurie Griffiths (Standby Carpenter)
      " Derek Docksey (Standby Rigger)
      " Jane Hamnett (Wardrobe Supervisor)
      " Harriet Lyons (Standby Costume)
      " Berger & Wyse (Opening Titles)
      " Amanda Searle (Stills Photographer)
      " Kate Lawson (Picture Publicity)
      " Emma Oxley (Assistant Editor)
      " Andrew Mitchell (On-line Editor)
      " Aidian Farrell (Colourist)
      " Darren Banks (FX Editor)
      " James Feltham (Dubbing Mixer)
      " Ben Scott (Loft Design)
      " Simon Rogers (Title Music)
      " Beatguru (Original Music)


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